Wednesday, July 27, 2011

They just like the name

A couple has named their newborn baby daughter Like, in honour of the Facebook icon's first birthday. That will be cute until she starts middle school.
"Do you like Like?"
"I like Like."
"Do you like Like or do you like Like like?"


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p/s: The couple also give her a middle name "poke" so that she will not have trouble finding a date for the prom. 


april said...

hahaha what a cute name :)


Venie said...

hahahha~ Glad u like LIKE :)

Coloradocasters said...

If the last name were “Yu” or something that puts an entire phrase together…well that would be way too funny. The picture is very cute…I “like” this post.

Venie said...

Yu is a Chinese Surname. LOL! Maybe I can suggest some of my fren who's surname Yu to take up the name Like :)