Monday, October 31, 2011

Last Sunday of Oct 2011

 Sunday is our family day... To the park we go~

Catch me if u can~

Taman Jubli Perak Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah

Time to go home....

Children are never mistake but a surprise gifts that you can't wait to open and didn't know that you wanted until u hold them in ur arms.

Grown-ups vs. Kids: How We See the World


Have a nice day~


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Croc, Child and Escalator

Picture contribute by Kimchi aka Icarus.

Everyone is blaming on the deadly Croc or None croc shoes when something like this happen. But I think this is the parents'  responsibility. Those people paint the caution lines for a reason! The parents should observe the Warning Sign!

Not all young children know how to read those warning sign. Children are naturally curious and too many parents do not realise that escalators will cause tragic accident.

That is why parents or any adult should have the responsible to tell the the children that any clothes or shoelaces may get caught in the escalator.

Yes, some people will do that too...

This is so sad that there's still many people eager to jump on blaming Crocs while they should blame themselves for inattentive parenting. Next time just use lifts or stair case.

But some escalators are too cute and are irresistible...

But no matter what, use for ur own risk.

Have a nice day!
Venie~  =)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


When I was young I had some piano lesson before. One day my piano teacher asked me:  " Who ask you to learn piano?" I answer: " My dad". Then after that my dad was so mad that he make me quitted  my piano lesson. I really don't know what the teacher told my dad that make him so mad. She probably thought that  I meant my dad force me to take piano lesson. After that the piano at my house was left unattended for many years.

When Aple agrees to learn how to play piano, the whole family was very excited because we never had a pianist in our family before. ( Although  I almost become one =P ) I kept telling my husband that we will give Aple a try, if she is not talented and not interested after a few months then I will not force her. So in between I try to motivate Aple and discuss with Aple's teacher and to see what's her progress and  we found out that  Aple is a fast learner and she did very well. 

One day my dad came to our house then he saw the musical keyboard and he teased me: 
" If you did not tell your teacher that I let you have the piano lesson, you should be a Pianist right now."
 I replied:  " Dad, she was asking me who let me to take piano lesson and I reply that it's my dad and I don't think there's something wrong with the answer. If she asked me if i was interested to learn piano, I will replied YES!" I continued again: " Hence at that time the teacher taught me boring and silly song, I was 12 at that time. You see what Aple learn now? She knows how to play Rain rain go away, Old McDonald have a farm and Long Long ago."
My dad kept quiet.

However I will never blame my parents for anything because why do I hate my parents when I know that  they will be there for me and one day when they are gone, I will cry my heart out. That's why I cherish them now.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dramatic Reading

Jenny: Debra! you are crying!!! Who's the idiot who brought you tears?
Debra: Joan!!! She was so mean to me.

Jenny: Why? I thought you two are good friends!
Debra: She said I was a snob and two faced as well!

Jenny: Joan said that to your face?
Debra: Not really! Amy said Veron heard from Madeline that Joan said that to her!

Jenny: Good grief, girl! You are talking about IDLE RUMOURS!
Debra: Where there's smoke there's fire! I never thought Joan would do this to me. She is spoiling my reputation!

Jenny: Nonsense! No one will believe that slander!

Later when Jenny met Joan....

Jenny: Are you mad at Debra?
Joan: Of course I am!! She's been telling everyone that I 'm a snob!

Jenny: Who says that?
Joan: Danny told me he got it from Kathy who said Madeline heard it from Debra herself. How dare that little sassy little twit badmouth me?

Jenny: Arghhhhh!!! don't you girls have any common sense? The common denominator in these rumours seems to be Madeline.

When Jenny and Joan arrive at the Ice - cream house they saw Madeline...

Jenny: How about the war between Jessica and Kathy, Madeline?
Madeline: Wow!! wasn't that something?

After that Madeline run away in a hurry...

Joan: What war?
Jenny: There's none. Give Madeline a little time to give it her " Dramatic Reading"!

Sometime later Jenny and Joan met their friends - Amy and Veron.
Amy: Well, it's been a long time coming
Veron: Right! That little pot's been bubbling for years!

Jenny: What's that? What are you talking about?
Amy: Danny!! The way he broke up the life long friendship! Jessica and and Kathy's jealousy over Danny finally exploded! They'll never talk to each other again!
Veron: Madeline was there!! She heard the whole thing!

When Amy and Veron left, Joan said to Jenny:
Joan:  Jenny! You didn't say that!!
Jenny: See what I mean? Madeline always has to give everything a Dramatic Reading!

Joan: Dramatic my foot! That was an outright lie!

Debra: You mean Madeline? ...
Jenny: She has to juice up every remark she hears! That's what gossip  leads to!

Debra hugging Joan

Debra: Joan!!! I'm so sorry!!!
Joan: Me too!! I should have known you wouldn't say anything mean to me!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

What are you attracting?

Law of attraction. We human are a big magnet ourselves. We attract what we think. 

By Stephen Pierce
When trying to understand the Law of Attraction, it's easiest to think of yourself as a magnet.
As you already know, magnets attract things. But they do it without even trying, right? It's the same for you. You attract things all the time and most of the time, you do it by default. Most of the time, you are not making a deliberate choice in what you are attracting to you. You get up, go to work, take care of the kids, feed the dog, go to bed - you go about your daily business. Maybe while you do it, you are focused on a problem that needs solved or a bad thing that happened or you are just tired or in a foul mood.
So, while you're doing that - focusing on something negative - you're unconsciously attracting negativity to you. No one sets out to attract negativity, of course, but we attract the likeness of what we are thinking about. If you're thinking about a lack of something in your life, for example, you'll continue to attract a lack, just like that magnet attracts metal.
If you consciously make a shift in your thinking, however, to something positive - like seeing yourself with abundance instead of scarcity, you will attract abundance.
The key to successfully doing this sounds a little easier than it is, but with practice, you can do it constantly and effectively. Though life will always through hardships in our way, the key to not letting those hardships stay around and keep you down is to not dwell on them constantly. When one arises, examine it briefly and then figure out how to use it to your advantage or let it go. People tend to have habits of clinging to the bad things in life, the negative, the things we do not like - we dwell on them in our thoughts, we talk about them to our friends, we focus on what we do not like, because it bothers us.
However, by training ourselves to not cling to that negativity - to let it come up, look at it for a minute and then let it go - we are opening ourselves up and making room for the positive. Instead of a lack, we will be open to abundance.
We won't be a magnet that is repelling all the good things in life simply because we're in the habit of hanging on to the bad.

Stephen Pierce is a business optimization strategist who provides strategies that make growing profits in your business a fast reality. To learn how to get Marketing Momentum for real business success, please visit for free marketing tips and strategies and for more information on enhancing your brainpower.


I really begin to understand these law of attractions. That's why some people complaints that the bad things keep happen to them because seems like they attracting bad things unknowingly. But first we all need to start believing. 

p/s: Trying to find your phone when its on silent is one of life's hardest tasks.... Let me use LOA to see if I can attract my phone to come out... LOL!

Have a nice day!


I Love the "F" Word

F for Friday... what word were you thinking I was thinking?Ok ok!!! Before some of you starts to use the F word towards me, let me tell you the story of my Friday...

My Lunch:~
Sambal Pork chop

The kid's lunch:~
Corn soup + pork & potatoes with oyster sauce.

The kid's Tea break: ~
Home made Pizza & Milo...

Later that evening when we were heading to the park it rain...
End of Friday......

p/s: Actually this post is suppose to post on Friday nights but then... something came up 

Anyway, Have a nice day =)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chinese Coca - Cola Chicken Wings - inspired by Claire

My kids' simple lunch : Corn soup + Coca - Cola chicken wings

If you are asking me why Coca - Cola chicken wings is a Chinese dish, then I really don't know how to reply you. When Claire told me that she is going to cook  Coca - Cola chicken wings for her party, I ask for the recipe and try it myself. Since there's some ingredient that I don't have in hand I go Google and to my surprise I found out that most of the people name it Chinese Coca- cola Chicken wings.

The Ingredients are simple:

Chicken wings
Soy sauce
Dark soy sauce
Vegetable oil

Marinate the chicken wings for 20 minute then put everything to the pot and Viola~ <3

LOL!  I know I have a lot of clever mum / dad readers so I just make this short. This dish is simply scrumptious!

" No Coke No Hope" 
- Juliet in Love ( 朱丽叶与梁山伯)

No coke no hope is used to be my most favourite quote but we all know that too much coke is not good for our health, so I just make it to my 2nd favourite quote. So now whenever I need Hope I will drink coke ( or coffee ......... ) 

Sometimes our hearts lead us to places we may be afraid to go - and yet sometimes we just need to "follow our hearts".

Have a nice day!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

From Ugly to Beauty and also Ugly Betty

Recently my kids and I are so excited with the newly open W. W Store because they sell many things cheaply. This is what my kids found and they are so excited to transform those ugly wall switch sockets to a cute one.

Isn't it nice that with only a few cents and you can make the plain switch socket to something cute =) Of kos this might encourage the kids to play with the switch >.<

Ugly Betty - America Ferrera

For those who loves to watch American television series will know who is America Ferrera who plays the lead role in Ugly Betty. 

America is not ugly at all but Stunning!

Anyway beautiful or not  

Demi Lovato quotes
 The mirror can lie. Doesn't show you what's inside. And it, it can tell you you're full of life. It's amzing what you can hide just by putting on a smile. 

Have a Nice Day!


Monday, October 17, 2011

The Crocodile That Smoke

Last month my Lil Aple got a new teacher from China and I am so happy that she finally can speak a more proper mandarin. One day she sang a finger game:





Five little  monkeys playing swing,

Look like a crocodile smoking,

A long came Mr. Crocodile,

Um, Um, Um.....

I was like WTF?
Look like a crocodile that smokes? 
Because I never heard this song before so I really don know why the teacher taught her to sing a crocodile that is SMOKING...


Two weeks later, Lil Aple sings again:





Five little  monkeys playing swing,

Teasing crocodile was drown,

A long came Mr. Crocodile,

Um, Um, Um.....

Ah... That should be the correct one =)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

From Negative to Positive

Sometime we will feel blue and depress. It is like a seasonal mood. Hence we should transform these negative feeling into something happy. After browsing through the net and getting the info from some radio specialist, I found these five ways :

1. Stop predicting the worst. 
If something that doesn't come in our way, don't catastrophising the disaster scenario. Every mole is a sign of cancer, every headache is because of brain tumour. We are not a fortune teller, you don't predict things and these negative thoughts will not help us in anything. So try defeat those bad thought by thinking something better.

2. Stop minus the good.
When people compliment us, take it and enjoy the flattening. Even thought we know that they are only saying this to please us or they don't mean it, it really doesn't matter. We should just focus on the good part.

3. Stop mind reading especially when we're stuck with negative thought.
Sometime we will felt like other people think that we are dumb even thought they say nice thing about us. This is negative energy that blocks positive thoughts. No one knows what others are thing about. We should not only listen to what they say but also see their body language, do they really think that we are dumb? Do they really hate us? It's a doubt. If you ask them what they really think, believe them. Release those negative energy and try accept those positive thought instead.

4. When bad things happen accept it with an open heart.
Bad things only happen temporary if we can get through it. Al thought sometime things cannot turn out to be like what we wanted;  at least it's over and we should start from there and get over it. Every time something goods happen, make it a reason that good things happen because the bad things which happen before brings it. For example when our loved one died and later when something good happen, we should thank the loved one for bringing it to us.

5. Don't take everything too personally.
Sometimes we always feel like we give more than what we receive but sometime this is not true. Most of the people also have their own hardship and challenges. To my knowledge, my friend do not give me virus on purpose and whoever did it probably has no idea that their PC was infected with virus. Sometime bad things just happen. If we take things personally it will just leads to accusing and useless thought and emotions. 

With all the information I gave above I hope now you can learn to "POW WOW" all the bad. Don't forget to appreciate those who give you free compliment and  give at least a smile to those who u meet because that might be the only good thing that they receive today. =)

Happy Sunday!