Saturday, July 13, 2013


I had done some random thinking this lately about the word "Goodbye". A friend told me that he will never said goodbye, because it's a word that you said to someone that you will never meet again. He said, true friends never say goodbye.

Well, I agree with what he said is true. We will never find any "good" in goodbye, unless it's like - Goodbye Class! or Goodbye Boss! then that's something good about Goodbye! A goodbye is not painful unless you're never get to say hello again. There are always some people we'll never get to say hello again.

We will never know what happens next and suddenly "Boom" I disappear.... That's why I insist to say "goodbye" so at least I get to say the last goodbye. But oh well, if that goodbye is forever then prolly it should be a badbye, isn't it?

So, to me... Goodbye is not the end, it simply means that I'll miss you till we meet again :)

Venie xoxoxxx!