Thursday, November 4, 2010

My hubby help my gal to bath & this is their conversation:

Aple: " Daddy ur skin color is the same as Dora the explorer, so black color..."
Daddy: " Yah lor, cos Dora & Daddy no wash face that's why the face blk color..."
Aple get mad & say : " No la!!! Dora did wash her face!!!"
Daddy Ask: " How u know?"
APle keeps quiet, then she say : " Dora Has no teeth cos she eat too many sweets"
Daddy: " Ya lor, That's why you should brush ur teeth daily..."


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just now from FB i saw a news about a gal wanted to commited suicide treathen to jump off a building of Brunei. The picture posted in FB was that gal already jump & half way to the ground. So i go to the internet & chk the news & found out that gal did not jump out of the building. Someone photoshop it & post it in FB making alot misunderstand & misleading to other people. Some even click like of that picture. These People are so Naive. They think it's funny =(

I really don see any fun of that too....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Last nite, when i was watching TV, Bryan ( 2yrs coming 3yrs in 2 month times ) say: " Mummy i want to play Elmo (Sesame street Games online)"
I say: No! Then Bryan climb on the chair in front of my PC. I just ignore him & thought he couldn't do anything except on & off my pc when suddenly ELMO speak to him!!! I AM SO SHOCK!!! He only saw me do once & he knew it :S I really don know should be Happy - that he's a quick learner or Sad - that some one is going to share my PC :(

Then Bryan say he want to play Thomas ( Online Games) i say go ahead & watch how he did it. He click on the Chrome front page, click Google & simply type "asfdja" ( Of kos he still don know his ABCD ) then click on any website that come out. ( This is wat i usually do when i try to search the "Thomas & fren" website ) LoL!!!

Should I say:" Oh MAN!!!! ( like Dora's Swiper )


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Times fly..... 63 days to the end of 2010.... Have u achieve ur target?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Just now i Burp out loud after eating some fruits.
Then my boy ask: " Mummy, why u burp?"
I say: "cos i am Full!!"
Then my Boy pretend to BUrrp using the sound Uuurp...
I ask him "Why u Urrp?"
He say: " Cos I am full... " =) LOL!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I just learn that there's a chemicals call Parabens commonly use as preservative in Shampoo & skin care products. Parabens are also been found in high concentrations in Breast Cancer Tumors!!

So i quickly go to my bath room n chk out all my shampoos & Luckily i hav all paraben - free products :

but then i found Paraben @ my Hand cream... This cream to said can be apply to body & Face :(

sigh!!! Wat hav happen to this world? Everything anything also can created cancer. The other day i read the news saying that this old lady getting cancer from inhaling too much fragrance of a cloth's softener. Like most of the people who do not hav a balcony so she dry her cloths inside her living room. For a long term inhaling those fragrance pass out from the softener, she get cancer... :((

we cannot blame god for this cos we human create all this cos we are too demanding :P if we are just as simple as the stone age then no much disease/virus can we get...

so wat shall we do now? Just clean wit plan water... that's all...

oh? should i do that? no :P i still wanna smell good hahahah!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

just bought a new vacuum few days ago & my two little monsters wanna try it out... !!! So i hav an idea, I ask them to put away their toys first then they are allow to try it out !!!

Of kos b4 i let them play wit the "TOY" i will vacuum first, so that they are allow to do wat ever they want & i still hav my clean floor... lol!

of kos after that they help me to put it back to the kitchen lol. they are having fun n i hav an eazy way to do housework lol!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

today i bought a new coloring book & fiber pen for my gal to practise her drawing. The first page is aeroplane, & she color it very nicely :

then the next page: b for BELL

then she skip c cos she prefer d for DoLL & this come out :

????!!! i was so shock!!!

i ask her wat happen to the doll's hair?

She told me that cos she like Blue color....
Then she say hair also can be blue color...

Then i ask her, why the doll's skin is brown color?

She said: cos she wan the doll look like Dora...

DORA===== >

hahahhahah!! really don know wanna cry or laugh...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

feeling very down yesterday...

This morning wake up at 6 wit tears n i cry none stop... thinking of yesterday's news i know why that guy wanna commuted suicide.. But i tell myself no, i still wantto see my two lovely kids...

I tell God, pls give me strength & help me to move on... n i hope i can...

I guess internet is the only way i can release my tension...

My wings have dropped and I cant stand
do you think enough of me to give me your hand
Would you see a demon stand in your place wanting to hurt me
Could you have the strength to say you eased me and brought me back to how I should be?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Friendship can be really fragile. Wit one silly misunderstand you can say bye bye to him/her forever.

I've been bugging by one gd fren of mine. Suddenly i cannot read his wall in FB. we've been frens for 15yrs or more. There's no reason that he block me. I say to myself maybe he just remove his FB wall...

Later i saw my fren comment his wall.. I am thinking wth? so i tell myself again maybe he only set the privacy to a few close fren again. So i block him too :P

Few day passed by n i saw another fren can read his wall... n i don think he even know this guy...

many Sleepless nite pass by... i cannot stand anymore... i Inbox him, ask him wat's wrong wit me? then he say he too also thought that i block him first thats why he block me too...

SILLY us!!! Because of one stupid FB error may make us lost or Friendship.

Luckily i did not delete him n let this mystery sank under the bottom of the sea...

Sometimes ppl u make online is better than ur real life fren. Isn't it amazing that ur status in Fb ur blog is always comment by those ppl u never meet b4 while ur real life fren don know wat's in it?

Monday, September 6, 2010

few days ago i saw my two lovely buddy post this:

then we comment:

eventhought we are so far away ( ok not so far abt a few hundred km away & we seldom meet ) but so funny to see wat they doing over there :D

Saturday, September 4, 2010

yesterday i bring my little boy go shopping, he run in front of me n open his arms.

I say: " Mummy cannot hold you, you are a big boy now"

He say: " But i am still wearing Pampers (diapers) "

Feeling astonishing i say: " Ya, but you still a big boy now pls walk wit your own..."

hahahhah! this little boy can really give me headache sometime!!!

Sometimes if i refuse to hold him in my arms, he will ask " Mummy, you don hav strength?"

Friday, September 3, 2010

the other day, my daughter show me her drawing of a fish at school ...

She say " Look mummy, i draw the fish same like u hav FAT FAT tummy !! "

I say : " Wat?! u say i am A FAT FISH?"

She giggle & ran away :S lol.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

yesterday i try Gardenia's new drink : Cola

Gardenia is a brand of a bakery in Singapore

This is the Cola:

& it's so yucky :P new marketing fail...

btw why i still support Coke until now... not only because of the taste but also because of the way they design for the can:


The Laugh line vs the Frown line is like Sunshine vs Rain... COCA - COLA Goooooal!!! vs Penalty, Parties vs Duties, you know wat to do the next time your brows start Furrowing.... *Open Happiness*

Very Creative ^_^

Even the bar code:

Wat goes into making you happy =)

hahahhah! That's wat i always do when i'm enjoying my food...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Before i always thought that giving birth is the most Painful and difficult thing in the whole wide world, but now to think again, neh... Educating ur kids are the most uneasy things when u hav some nottie kids...

One day i found out little Bryan Messing wit my Hair gel & Make up! He is trying to imitate wat i am doing almost everyday...

Oh boy, should i laugh or cry?

Seeing he still smile happily :/ i really don hav the heart to raise my hand n Spank so i just give him a first warning... Saying The next he do again i will close him inside the kitchen wit those RATS ( lol... of kos there's no rats but a turtle) Of kos, after that i put away all my make up & thingy :S

Monday, August 30, 2010

recently been giving myself lousy excuse.. well, after Raya i think i will hav more post to write.... Now creating Another FB acc cos i realise that i hav been adding too much unknown ppl in my 1st acc.. some i don know, some i don remember n some wth Fake pix?<--- to stalk me har?

My hubby say why i don write I tell him wat's the point? i don dare to write n get negative comments lol. i admire Namewee, Xiaxue, Tiger for being 3b = Brave, Bitchy & Bz body... lol.

Wll today i gonna post my little boy's pix When he gets hungrie...

hahhaha cute wat!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wat Anthony said is rite. We must make a decision Then MOve on.... Everthing just think or Dream will not make any difference unless we Do it...

ever plan to go ard the world... but plan only no action...

ever plan to earn big bucks.... but plan only no action ... excuse : no chance

If you don hav a plan for ur life someone else does...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Awaken the Giant Within - Anthony Robbins

This is a book which inspire me much. First the author stated that everyone live in "The Niagara syndrome "

Pg 41
...Most people live what I call "The Niagara Syndrome." I believe that life without ever really deciding where they want to end up. So, in a short period of time, they get caught up in the current: current events, current fears, current challenges. When they come to forks in the river, they don't consciously decide where they want to go, or which is the right direction for them. They merely "go with the flow." They become a part of the mass of people who are directed by the environment instead of by their own values. As a result, they feel out of control. They remain in this unconscious state until one day the sound of the rabging water awakens them, and they discover that they're five feet from Niagara Falls in a boat with no oars. At this point, they say, "Oh, shoot!" But by then it's too late. They're going to take a fall. Sometimes it's an emotional fall. Sometimes it's a physical fall. Sometimes it's a financial fall. It's likely that whatever challenges you have in your life currently could have been avoided by some better decisions upstream.

This is very true... & i think i'm going to get caught up in the current fears & challanges... & i hope i will not take the fall.... But I think that even if i fall, I will stand up again & be strong.

Just like wat hav stated in the books that i must take action in decision. I shouldn't be afraid to fail cos i will hav the chance to change my life & destiny!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

MOney Money Money~

I bet most ppl know that Money is not the most important thing in the world. But who can Live without MOney? Ya of kos the Monkeys in the jungle can live without MOney. Cos they Eat wat they find, they live whr they want. But who wants to live in the jungle & eating bananas only?

They say Money is the root of all evil then we Human is devil, cos we created money.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

it's amazing that how much entertainment we can get nowadays... we can't get so many freebies entertainment online too...

We can watch free movies, you tube, games but of kos some are illegal one....

But imagine would we be more relax if we're free from these kinda entertainment or more stress?! Ha!

I get stuck wit FB games... wanna quit but this connected to some of my other frens & if i quit i might interrupt their life :p yah! seriously lol! If i don quit, i'll lost some fun & waste more time :P

so i still say FB is evil & He who invented online games is the root of all evil!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


sigh... i know how much u hate your life but still life must go on :S

some ppl cannot stand it anymore so that they end it their way. Well we can't just blame them cos who knows wat we'll do if the same thing happens to you.

I wonder how many of you out there smile in front of ppl but sob inside your heart. Cos like i say life must go on & u don hav the dame gut to end it...

sigh! sien eh!

to hav to pretend that you like it when you don. to pretend that it's nothing at all while inside ur heart u wanna scream ur heart out.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lonely Island

I believe that everyone had a lonely island inside their heart. In this island is full of sad, lonely, unhappy & stress. All of these bad feeling are kept inside the lonely island. This island is never expose to the others. These is because no one will understand the feeling cos everyone is not the same.

Life is complicated. Full of love & full of hatred. Thats why when we keep these feeling too much inside a heart it'll become a hatred & anger will explode suddenly.

Today I am angry without any reason. Of kos this make me hurt the one i love. B'cos i know that they will still love me no matter wat. But in the end i feel unhappy wit it. Cos i hav a very poor angry management & i hurt those ppl i love.

I try to find way to solve it. I chk internet & find several method to control my anger & hope that it works :(

Anger without any reason really make me more stress & these of kos will level up to more anger again.

i know i should be thankful for wat i hav now & feel grateful. But this is not easy when u are born to be like this.

But so far i know i hav control alot of the anger already but thats only turn to keeping it inside the lonely island.