Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Before i always thought that giving birth is the most Painful and difficult thing in the whole wide world, but now to think again, neh... Educating ur kids are the most uneasy things when u hav some nottie kids...

One day i found out little Bryan Messing wit my Hair gel & Make up! He is trying to imitate wat i am doing almost everyday...

Oh boy, should i laugh or cry?

Seeing he still smile happily :/ i really don hav the heart to raise my hand n Spank him...lol... so i just give him a first warning... Saying The next he do again i will close him inside the kitchen wit those RATS ( lol... of kos there's no rats but a turtle) Of kos, after that i put away all my make up & thingy :S

Monday, August 30, 2010

recently been giving myself lousy excuse.. well, after Raya i think i will hav more post to write.... Now creating Another FB acc cos i realise that i hav been adding too much unknown ppl in my 1st acc.. some i don know, some i don remember n some wth Fake pix?<--- to stalk me har?

My hubby say why i don write I tell him wat's the point? i don dare to write n get negative comments lol. i admire Namewee, Xiaxue, Tiger for being 3b = Brave, Bitchy & Bz body... lol.

Wll today i gonna post my little boy's pix When he gets hungrie...

hahhaha cute wat!!