Monday, July 18, 2011

Bryan and the kittens

 My kids love animals a lot! Since we're living in a city, it's rarely for them to have a chance to touch kittens or puppies. Yah, I admit I am also lazy to have get any pets that runs around  and need cleaning since the kids themselves already give me enough headaches. So when we go back my mother's place Bryan already notice those new kittens and can't wait to touch them.
My mother let Bryan to feed the kitty.

Bryan starts to talk to the kitty. I bet he also wanna try the food.

When i heard what he said I almost fall down... xD


Words by Dawn said...

awe very cute. I love the way you edit your photos. how do you get those frams and nice bubbles.

Venie said...

Thanks. I'm using a chinese program. U can DL if u like, it's free but written in chinese word.

or else u can try a simpler free online edit website:

Have Fun editing ;)

El Shianne said...

awwwwww how sweet. The things lil ones say.... so precious. I love that saying you posted about children. How beautiful!!!

Venie said...

El Shianne:
Thanks! :)