Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The land of Bomb

Laos: Picture from Google

Recently I saw a documentary at Astro about the life in Laos. It is said that in between 1964 and 1973 America waged a secret war and rained down millions of bomb by which a30% of it failed to detonate. And now 38 years later after the end of Vietnam war a lot of Laotians was killed and many are injured by the unexploded ordnance ( UXO). So that is why clear ground de-mining is a must do everyday in Laos. Other than that they also have to give the innocent children in Laos a lecture about the risk of  playing with the unexploded bomb.

 Source: Laos: the enduring threat from cluster munitions

Cluster bombs dropped by US troops in Laos during the Vietnam War continue to kill and maim -- and it's children who are most at risk

Just look at the face of those innocent children make me want to cry. They have done nothing to deserve all these yet because of some stupid adults decision long time ago that make them have to suffer now. However my hope and prayers will be always be with them.

For those stupid people who decided to sent a bomb next time I hope that u just sent it to the house of your enemies instead. If you still cannot agree with each other then come out and fight like WWE. Make an Effort Not an Excuse!

Give me five!

I do come with a warning label: May cause, laughing, crying, anger and fun. Do not take if you have allergic reactions to the truth.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

From Pau to Donut

One morning Bryan play with his breakfast - pandan pau. He said: " Mommy,  look! Donut!!!" Then I saw his pau had a hole in the middle. Apparently he use his little finger to poke his pau and he had eaten the fillings. I really don't know if I should laugh or cried so I smile to him and said: " Ok, That's a lovely donut, let's finish it." Then Bryan said: " Mommy, I can't finish it." I said: " Nope, you are gonna to finish it or I'll spank you." After a long while Bryan still holding that "donut" he made so, I gave up and asked him to leave it on the plate and go take a bath. Later that night the donut disappear.  Someone had ate it and I am glad that person enjoy Bryan's "donut". =P

This week Aple no need to go to school any more, so Bryan had to go to school alone. He was confused that why he still had to go to school and he hate it so much! The first day of this week I trick him to bring along his friend "Elmo" to school and promise him with ice - cream and shopping later on. Today he still ask me why his sister no need to go to school while he had to. I explain to him again and tell him that his sister had finish K3 already and that is why. I know Bryan really don't like to go to school because he finds it boring but then  he still go to school unwillingly with tears on his cheeks. No shouting or throwing tantrum but only tears. My hubby saw this and promised Bryan to bring him watch Happy Feet2 later. Then Bryan smile and ask me happily " Is sister going too?" I said yes. Bryan ask again: " Are grandma and cousins going too?" I said yes. Bryan ask again " Mommy, are you joining us too?" I pretend to frown and teased him : " No, I am not going 'cos no one ask me." Bryan giggle and said: " Noooooo~ You must go!" I laughed, wipe his tear off his face and kiss his cheeks. I am glad that Bryan is finally in a good mood again. 

 I have try to tell him many times that going school is good and fun  for him and I hope that he one day will understand the meaning of going to school and will love it. 

I'm going to bring him back from school now and I had a nice surprise waiting for him 

Cheers and Have a nice day! =)

P/s: Tomorrow is the last day to school and I hope I will have some new idea to make Bryan to go to school then...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dear Child, Did you cry today? -亲爱的小孩

Last night I sang a song to Bryan: "Dear Child, Did you cry today?" ( 小小的小孩 今天有没有哭?)
And Bryan sang back : "Yes, Mummy~ I cry today~" ( 有 ~ 今天我 有哭~)
Then I sang again "Is it because I beat you buttock" ( 是否 妈咪打你的屁股~? )
Then Bryan nodded and sang back: " Yes, Mummy~ u beat my buttock"( 是的~  妈咪打我的屁股~!!! )

亲爱的小孩  - 杨培安

    小小的小孩 今天有没有哭
音 (歌词转自 音魁网
 漂亮的小孩 今天有没有哭
n (歌词转自 音魁网
 聪明的小孩 今天有没有哭
· (歌词转自 音魁网
  亲爱的小孩 快快擦干你的泪珠
  (歌词转自 音魁网
  亲爱的小孩 今天有没有哭
  小小的小孩 今天有没有哭

音 (歌词转自 音魁网
 漂亮的小孩 今天有没有哭
n (歌词转自 音魁网
 聪明的小孩 今天有没有哭
· (歌词转自 音魁网
  亲爱的小孩 快快擦干你的泪珠
  (歌词转自 音魁网
  亲爱的小孩 今天有没有哭
  亲爱的小孩 今天有没有哭

Bryan's Advance Birthday in Kindergarten

Recently there's a lot of birthday celebration in the school. One day Bryan said he want to celebrate his birthday too. Since his birthday is in December so we decided to let him celebrate his birthday before the school holiday begins. Bryan requested for a Ben10 cake which is very unusual because we know that he only loves Thomas the Train and Chuggington. We think maybe because Ben10 might be the latest trend now in the school and that is why he will ask for it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Aple's Graduation Day

The moment we had been waiting~



Darussalam Hall

Most of the parents came as early as possible to get a good sitting while some came at the last minute. They also try to get a Good sitting at the "Teacher's Section." And when the scout and the teacher went and invite them to sit somewhere else they refuse to go. I really hate this kind of irresponsible people. What if everyone think the same and all sit at other people's sit?

Aple's Cheer leading Performance
The pompom gal~ 

~The End~

Worry about her new teachers....

Will she able to catch up if her teachers speak different language?

It's not the end yet 'cos there will be Part II in another 6 yrs....
So, it should be To be Continue...


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Who is fatter?

Last nite when I was waiting for my food, and felt bored while waiting I ask my gal Aple a question when a fat lady who past by us.
 " Who is fatter? She or me?"
 Aple replied: "Her la..."
After that I point at a slimmer lady and ask Aple again: " Who is fatter? She or me?"
Aple blushed and said cheekily :" Her la..."
I giggle and said: " You lied!!!" But inside my heart I was so happy. :P
Then I ask Aple again: " Between you and I, who is fatter."
Aple replied: " Both of us are slim." .
I said:  " NO......!!!! You are Fatter!!!"
I laugh out loud and Aple said playfully: " You lied!" and squeeze my hand.
Both of us had a good laugh.

One of the reason why sometimes we look slim and sometimes we look fat is because of the way we dress.

Sometime for the sake of  health, we need to control ourselves not to intake so many junkies. 

My mother in law always said that my kids' eyes are hungry, not the stomach. 

Yes... We should never compare our life to other's and also compare the size of our bodies to other's... 

You'll Be In My Heart - Phil Collins

Have a Nice Day & like what Uncle Lee always say to me : " keep a music in ur heart! "

Venie ~

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Aple finally graduate

Aple wrote: Time flies, I am going to graduate soon.
I wonder if she really  know the meaning of Time Flies? But I really understand what she mean time flies, Sigh... So fast my gal is going to be Primary one next year. I don't know if she is going to miss her teacher or not but I am sure I will because her class teacher are the nicest teacher I have seen so far.  

This Sunday will be her graduation day and the ceremony start at 7.30am. Aple is so used to her afternoon class, I wonder will she be able to wake up so early in the morning & Bryan too... Hahaha!

The secret to happiness

Don't use this door...

Have a nice day!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Bandar Seri Begawan's first sister city - Nanking

Source :

Recently I was very addicted to the HK TVseries about the History of China and especially I just finish watching the story of Hong Wu 32 (洪武三十二)  I really wish that I can watch what is exactly happen to the Empire of Brunei just like the TV series.

Checking the Brunei Sultan's family tree is making me headache...
It's something worst than Donald Duck Family tree

Hm.... I wonder where is Daisy Duck?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh Sugar sugar~

 I remember when I was a kid, my favourite biscuit is this:
The icing sugar swirl on top of the tiny biscuit
I will bite off the biscuit first and save the icing sugar for the last. I will let the sugar melt  in my mouth and let the taste of the sugar remain. Ah... the nostalgia of this tiny biscuits for sure bring back a lot of good memories to me.  

Look what I found today?

Aren't they cute?!
It's a handmade candy that I found at the superstore. The taste of the candy sugar is exactly like the icing sugar which swirl on top of the tiny biscuit except for that there's no biscuit but only candy.

The Candy Monster.....
The kids love this candy so much but after taking 2 pieces I find it too sweet.... and I still cannot resist it! 

I can't get this song out of my head now. Let's sing it LOUD:
Barry White's Just the way you are~

~ A wise woman puts a grain of sugar into everything she says to a man, and takes a grain of salt with everything he says to her. ~
Helen Rowland 

Have a Sweet weekend ahead~ <3


Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

I'm so surprise to receive The Versatile blogger Award by Matt. Thank you so much for this honor! If any of my readers love fish pls hop on to Matt's Blog : With this award I think I should not be lazy and try to update my blog as often as possible =) ( Yes, there's really a smile on my face now )

Definitely not like this:

Ok, Back to Versatile Blogger Award .
The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are as follow:
1. Post ur acceptance of the reward  on ur blog and link back to the person that gave you.
2. Tell 10 things about urself.
3.Nominate 7 Versatile blogs and let them know that you have award them.

10 Things About Me:

1. I am a BBC, Brunei Born Chinese and I am proud of it!

2. I Google almost everything from head to toe.

3. My enthusiasm sometime can make me a Nosey Parker.

4. I have two things on my lips. " Smile and Silence". Smile to solve the problem and silence to avoid the problem. Yes, sometime I even smile to the thin air....

5. I wish that when I open up my fortune cookie today, it will said: " Eat what ever you want, you are already FAT!"  

6. I don't have a big house, a brand new car, or many money but I have an amazing family and good friends from all over the world who give me memories that will last forever.

7. They say that talking to yourself is a sign of mental illness, so I talk to my kids instead, no matter they understand or not. 

8. Sometime when I am over excited I will tend to be very nervous. ( I am so excited about this award I am biting my finger nail now....  Hie hie hie)

9. I cannot pay attention on one thing at one time. I am now blogging, playing online games and listen to my favourite TV series and hearing what my kids play. ( No, Not typo error, I use my ears to listen to the TV series because I use my eyes to watch what I am typing now )

10. I sometime wish that I am an octopus so that I can play on-line games, ironing uniform and picking up the kid's toys at the same time. 

7 + 5 Versatile blogs

Sheoh Yan is a very talented mummy. She blog about her kids and foods. Sometime she gives me idea what to feed my kids.

Little Chumsy is creative too. She knows how to creates simple handmade items.

MnHL is a mother who blogs about her two lovely kids and she share her ideas of foods and her kids too.

I just love what Sammi says. She is so cute and adorable.

Uncle Lee's blog is sentimental and romantic. So if you want to read his blog, pls get ready with ur tissue paper for tears and laughter.

Small Kucing introduce all the fine food around Malaysia. reading what this small kitten eats always make me hungry.

Hayley blog about everything she had in her mind and about her life. She always give positive energy in her blog.

I am new to Yuinting's blog but what I love about her blog is because she had some fantastic idea for arts.

I love this Mummy. She blogs about news, fashion and bla bla bla... LOL!

Coffee girl is sometime very funny with her blog and I love her "coffee" idea... No she don blog coffee, she blog about life.

BestOodles, the gal who teach me how to cook my 1st braised Pig legs

I love the tooth that talk!

Ok~ I'm done!

Have a nice day =)