Friday, July 8, 2011

Book Review: Mini Shopaholic By Sophie Kinsella

These days I feel like an urge to get some inspiration. This book catch my eyes because it came with a 2yr old Minnie who's favourite word is "Miine" Well, I don't really like Becky Brandon at first, but I think I need to at least like her a bit as this book is her point of view. She lies, and makes up stories but with her good heart and intention she is so lucky to get some helping hand to solve her problem. Some part it's very funny thou, like the part how she plan for the secret deliveries for her customers and also some hilarious letter she wrote to the Nanny Companies, Financial Cooperation and The Look writing to her begging her to ask her clients to STOP bringing clothes back. LOL!.

The part I like most is when Nanny Sue told Becky & her husband - Luke Brandon,  that Minnie is a very smart girl. And she said: " Intelligent children can often test their parents the most....
Yes! Just like what I have expected that I am given test every single day by my kids.... Argh! Well, At least I know that my kids are normal smart kids, aren't they? 

Too bad the book didn't end with Luke making up with his al-mighty mother - Elinor. Maybe I will need to get ready for the next edition of Shopaholic goes to Hollywood.  

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