Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My little Miss perfectionist.

One night my hubby told me why it took a long time for Aple to wear her PJ. She told him that she could not put the cartoon picture of the PJ straight no matter how many time she tries to straighten them. Her daddy laugh at her and said:" You silly girl, that picture was meant to be at the side of the PJ."

 When Aple learn how to draw the around her own hand she will always draw a line on the forearm from one end to the other of the. 

Once I've heard a specialist said that the eldest child in the family is always a perfectionist. That's why Aple and I have some of the perfectionist syndrome too. The problem of miss little perfectionist is that she wants everything to be clean. She wipes her mouth every one bite, she must washes her hands if she feels like it's sticky. She don't want her brother to mess around with her toys. She starts to have self - esteem ties to grades, scores and achievement. She is easily embarrassed and highly sensitive to criticism. I know I am the main reason why she has all this because I try very hard to encourage (and push) her to do and get the very best even though her dad says that there's no need to push her. But I want her when she is around my age she can look back and see all those achievement she did and is very proud of herself. Of course if she did not get her achievement I will always applause her for her effort and say that she had already tried her best and I will always love her for who she is. I will tell her : " Being imperfect is what makes you beautiful. We can always be perfect but we can always be ourselves." 

No matter how perfect your steps, No matter how beautiful the music, you'll never be able to dance with your heart until you find the perfect partner.

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