Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Little Bit of Bryan for a Smile.

After having a nice shower, as usual Bryan runs around nakedly and I have to catch that little rascal very fast. This time I wrap him like a mummy with his BIG towel.

Me: Wow! You look Stunning.
Bryan: Where got?

I drag him in front of the mirror and said: Look, a malay girl!
Bryan: Nooooo....
Then he runs away again.
I said: Wait, let me take a picture first.
Bryan: Nooooo...
I said: Plssss
Then I snap one shot of his Funny Tudung look.


Me: Ahhhh Kakak ( means Sister in Malay)
Bryan: Nooo.... It's Bryan!

Hie hie hie!


april :) said...

OMG so cutee ~

AnGeLiZeD said...

That was interesting!! Nice blog!! Do follow mine at

Venie said...


Thanks & done =)

Dani said...

OMG so cute!! How old is he??

I just started a new blog and I would love for you to follow me.

Venie said...

Thank u Dani. He is coming 4 this December ;)

april :) said...

@venie : im gonna fix my layout tomorrow . im really sorry if the sidebar's messing it up :|

Venie said...

No prob April, I will look fwd to it. :)

april :) said...

hello venie ! sorry im writing here . i dunno how to contact you . lol

anyways, i kinda changed the margin now :)

Venie said...

Hi April,

It still blocking the side of the blog :/ can still adjust alittle more is better :)