Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bandar festive stalls - Gerai Perayaan Bandar

Every year there will be many festive stalls (Gerai Perayaan)  for His Majesty's birthday celebration. I always have many fond festive stalls memories in my childhood. Al thought this year the festive stalls celebration that I went is in another district of Brunei Darussalam, the feeling and the scents are still the same. Usually this festive stalls celebration will only go on for one month, hence there will be a lot of people flocking to the capital to visit the festive stalls. However we have no fear as the festive stalls locate just opposite to my kid's school, so we'll just park early near the school, pick up the kids and walk to the festive stalls. 

Let's see what the stalls are selling this year, I suppose there'll be many Angry Bird...
Hie hie hie... found alot of Angry bird and the biggest Angry Bird in town. 
It's too early so no performance yet on the stage yet, but Bryan do his little dance to entertain us :P

Since it's still early and many stall are not open yet, we decide to have something to eat. Let's see what choice we have:

Satay, satay and more satay
Nowadays' satay is fan by electronic fan. 
They also have ABC, Pearl Milk Tea and Bubble tea...

Ikan bakar - Grilled fish marinated with spicy belacan

After the dinner, we go around the festive stalls one more time again to see if we miss anything.
Ahhh... a guy who sell Longan and bought himself a Mercedez - I Think. Kekkeke! 

Sotong Tutuk and burgers

Grill chickens, hotdogs, Lamb chop and anything u want.

New kinda potato chips that will make u say WOW!

Cute Handmade keychains

Oh, my daughter's friend is here. Hi Dora~ Are u sleepy?

The largest Iphone in town. lol!
Too bad they are for kids and babies only.

OUT OF STOCK so fast?! It's only the second day =/

Even Domo-kun is here
Cotton Candy, Anyone?

The kids find something they like.

Thank u cleaner, for making our city clean.

The the traffic police officer too.

The night view of the festive stalls

It's already 7.08pm and the night are still young. 

For every beauty there's an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there's an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there's a heart somewhere to receive it. 

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