Thursday, June 30, 2011

Raindrops keep falling on my head...

It rains heavily since last night. and still raining now. Rain is a confuse kinda weather that makes people like it and hate it and only God know why. If only the raindrops are lemonade and gumdrops.... Oh wait! Who would want a sour rain and a stone like gumdrops? I would much prefer it to rain chocolate and gummy bear. LOL! Anyway  rainy days give people like me a special kinda motivation - the motivation absolutely to do nothing but cuddling up in a warm blanket, a sexy guy a bottle of wine and watch a movie... Too bad I have neither one in my workplace now.

When life gives u rain dance it:

Rainy weather makes me wanna dance with someone special in the rain.

Thanks Mother Nature, if not for the rain, my car would never get washed. Now if you could only clean the inside.

Life is not about sitting there waiting for the storm to pass... its about getting out there, and dancing in the rain...even if it means getting wet :)

Nothing can stop us from having fun.

Even it rains cats and dogs...

Alright Mother Nature, time to turn off the faucet and turn on the sunlight u need a tan aways! :D

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How my Sony Ericsson become Ipad2

Recently my kid's Aunt Renie bought anew ipad2 and make the kids so addicted to it especially my little girl: -Aple. Since then Aple keep bugging her dad to buy her an ipad2 too. But after considering  the features and prices of ipad2 her dad and I decided to wait for a while and hopefully some other brands have come out something like ipad2 with a cheaper price and most important thing of all can play FB flash games. 

One day, while we are waiting for Bryan finish his ECA, Aple took my louzy outdated hand phone Sony Ericsson W800i -  and watch some video clips. Then she said to me excitedly: " Mummy, mummy, you got an ipad!" I look at her wit one of my eyebrow raised: " Huh?" Then she continues again: " You see, when I touch the Pink Panther, he will go. Then I touch again the screen Pink Panther switch on the lights. I point the lights again it turn off and piss Pink Panther so much." She giggles and continue playing wit the video clip as if it's an ipad game. I look at her playing with her imagination ipad, I feel like biting her apple cheeks because she is so CUTE!

This is the video clip of Pink Panther that she pretends to play like an ipad game. Try it by starting he go angrily to the basement: -

I may not be perfect, I make mistakes, but two things that I have done with no mistakes and done perfect is my children who are the greatest gifts!

~ It's humbling to know that u're blessed. I may not be rich in material things or money, but I'm so wealthy in LOVE, and being wealthy is much better than in rich! ~ 

Have a nice day :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Exotic pets expo

Yesterday we went to a shopping centre when my husband found out that they are having an expo beside the building. At the moment I  enter the expo camp I saw this guy is trying to make some drinks and when he know we are watching him he keep asking us if we wanna try that drinks? I say no and run away... But now it makes me wonder, What is that?

Hence later we went almost to the end of the camp my husband ask me excitedly  :" You wanna see snake?" 
I say : " Sure, why not?"  then I ask Aple: " You wanna see or not?" as if I don't know what is the answer.. LOL! Like wat I expected she jump happily and said: " Yes!" Therefore my hubby ask for the fees for the Exotic Pets Expo  and they told him that the fee for the kids are free and for the adult is $6 only. Thus my husband said to me: " Ok u go in wit the kids and I stay outside." Well, it's not a surprise that he back up in last minute. 'Cos I know him too well. It's not like he's scared or anything, he just thought those things are for kids :P
The tickets for Exotic Pets Expo 
The inside of the Exotic Pets Expo...

The snake handlers encourage my kids to touch them. He told us that the snake is very friendly.

Look at Bryan's "Eyucky" face. Aple is more braver .

This is my first time to hold a snake. It is very shy that it hide it's face inside when I try to kiss it. :P I like this alot... Reminds me of my husband silly shy face.
The snake handler said to Bryan : " Oh no, don't squeeze the snake." Then she turn to me and said: " You have some brave kids. I replied,: " Nah, what do they know? They just thought thatit's a toy snake." lol!

The only venomous snake in the Exotic Pets Expo.

The snake is taking a bath ...

Do Not Disturb!!! The snake is hiding under that piece of paper.

I have one gecko that looks like this which stay in my room before.   

Bryan holding the star Turtle from INDIA. 

They are throwing toungue at each other :S

Aple trying to kiss Bella the python.

One of the snake handler told us that the snakes are not dangerous because they were born in captivity. They are very tame and usually are affectionate to people. This is the first time I am not so scared ( or rather yucky)  of snakes any more because to think of it they are not so dangerous like two head snake. They only bite if they feel threatened.

The greatest problem of most human beings, is that we listen half, we understand quarter, we think zero, we react double...Remember forever!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Aple and drawing

I bet every kids love to draw (scribble) on the wall. To them is "draw" and to us is "scribble" because we don't know wat are they drawing about but to them it's their fantasy. They might draw a a circle and says that is an apple. You'll never know what's their little brain is thinking.

One day, I find out that someone draws on the wall. Both Bryan and Aple are pointing at each other.

Obviously, I know who did it 'cos at that time Aple was 4 and Bryan was only 2. And I never believe a 2yrs old can draw like this:

So i guess someone started it and another one join in for contribution. In the end, Aple was spanked by me because she is the eldest and she shouldn't have start or even join in the drawing on the wall. When the dad came back apparently he had a good laugh 'cos to him Aple & Bryan are always his angels. Several days later Aple explains to me that she draw Bryan crying

Last year, when she learn how to draw a person she draws me first.

I especially love the this picture that she draw last year. During that time she starts to learn "shapes". Thus the teacher gave them some circles, squares and rectangles paper to make anything they like. Aple chose to make train 'cos she know that's her little brother's favourite thing. I am touched to see that she loves her little bro so much she even thinks of him while schooling. Aple told me that she is the driver in that train bringing me and Bryan travelling around. Then I ask :" What about your daddy?" She replies: " Oh, he couldn't make it on time." LoL~!!

When Aple studies in K3 she need to so some project and I help her with some. The English and Malay Projects have the same title so with the teacher's permission I let her use the same picture. The English project I let her draw her favourite things to add up some rainbow in that piece of white paper while the Malay project I ask her to draw a cartoon policeman.

Anyway, it take me 20 min to wait and beg the traffic policeman for help under a hot dizzy sun. LOL! Anyway he is one nice traffic policeman who in the end pity us for standing at the car park near the school for a long time and agrees to let me take the picture for the project. He said he notice us long time ago already but we didn't know that he's hiding inside a car. Hahaha! Then I know that not all traffic policeman rides a bike :P 

This is a lion dance that was drawn by her before Chinese new year 2011. I remember that she kept singing " Chai Shen Dao" ( God of Wealth is coming) ~ I always laugh when she sang this because she look so cute wit her round face and Bryan will always join in the chorus and continue wit " Ba lo bok" ( Pulling carrot ) 

Aple also says that teacher gave her 3 starts for this picture because she drew alot of things. But i personally dislike it because too many blue and grey and feels like she is too lazy to color it already. Except for the background her flowers, and butterflies are in one color only. 

This picture is for her dad on Father's day 2011.I'm kinda Jealous cos it looks better than mine. And this yr she didn't draw anything for Mother's day 

I love this picture but usually when a child was stop by the parents for drawing, they most probably won't be a famous artist anyway. This is because a child's heart is very fragile, one discourage & disagreement will make them lost a big confidence and usually is hard for them to build back again.