Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Larry Crowne

Yesterday I watch a movie called Larry Crowne by Tom Hank and Julia Roberts. This movie reminds me of a debate recently happen in some other website. One said that a person must attend Uni to be prosperous and those who did not will fail, while the opponent says that a person can be success even thought one do not have any Uni certificates. Then the debates become a never ending story because both parties starts to call each other names and posting many vulgar words :(

Well, the movie - Larry Crowne is a superstar team leader who got fired because of the downsize of the company and they give excuse that why he is not promoted because he never went to college.

- Larry was hired by one stupid company I think. I would never fire a hard-working and responsible worker no matter what because one good and hardworking worker is much more better with those who are stupid, irresponsible and lousy manner workers no matter what qualification they got.

In the end, Larry's supervisor ( I think) who told Larry that he's fired and jokes abt Larry got himself fired by that company too and even insist a $2 for tips.

The moral of the story:
No matter u got the certificates or not u will get fired if u are UNLUCKY :P

Give me the strength to walk away and forgive those who just don't care about anyone but the pay cheque. Allow me the humility and passion to not become them. You know how everyone says.."If you don't like your job, get a new one". Well I would like to say.. its not the job,  some people just need new co-workers.


Birthmark said...

It depends on the industry you're in, I would say.

I have no qualification what so ever in advertising, but I'm already in my 7th. Over the years I have produced works that help clients generate sales. Though I didn't have a figure, but it's definitely in a profitable margin.

I must admit, it wasn't easy, but you will get there.

Meriwether Lewis said...

Honestly, I don't want to see Larry Crowne as the same premise was a Simpson's episode! It was funnier because Homer worked in a power plant and had never taken nuclear physics. I agree, why the hell would a WalMart company fire a great employee? You need to be a scholar to stock shelves??

Venie said...

Well, I went to see Larry Crowne because I have limited choice and it's either Larry or The Robots or Penguins or Monte Carlo ( which i don think my hubby will enjoy this teenage gal movie) If only they could put Homer in a big screen, I would be very glad to watch it ;)

Venie said...


I think that qualification is only part of it. Experience & attitude is more important. But if u can get this 3 all together, of kos it's perfect. But then will there be any job to fit u in even u got all these 3? life is unpredictable & tough ;)