Thursday, July 21, 2011

A little girl to girl talk - Aunty

Now Aple have turn to 5 and she is very chatty. She always has a girl to girl talk with me before she goes to sleep. Last night she told me about what her classmate's mom said to her.

Aple: Mummy, my classmate's mother said I look pretty today.
Me: Did you call her "Aunty"?

Aple: No, I forgot to call her Aunty 'cos u did not remind me.
Me: This is manners. You should know your manners.

Aple kept silent.
Me: You see your classmates - Pohyee, always call me Aunty when she sees me.

Aple: But why did Pohyee and Hana call you Aunty?
Me: You don't expect them to call me "Mummy", do u ?

Aple, Bryan and even my hubby ( who pretend to sleep but actually eavesdropping) rolling on the bed giggling.

Aple continues to say: They should call u "Grandma"!!!!


Why Aple confuse her classmates call me Aunty is because to Aple; Aunty is meant for ladies who are 40-50yrs old... kekekke


april :) said...

she's so cuteee ~

- april

Venie said...

Thank u April

Small Kucing said...

LOL..grandma? Pengsan...

Venie said...

Small Kuching:

Should I spank her? hie hiehie!