Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life is unpredictable.

Every morning everyone will need something to energize themselves up. Mine will be a nice cup of  Nescafe Coffee Tarik - an instants coffee mix with tea that will creates a nice tempting foam. My boy always call this foam *Bubble* and will order his bubble drinks - Teh tarik if we're eating outside. 

My favourite Coffee in my favourite Trigger mug*

Just now, on our way to sent our kids to school I saw two old tourists, a couple.

Me: Daddy, you see these two tourists so old already but still manage to travel across the sea.
My hubby: Why not? They live in a good healthy life.

Me: Nah, I don't believe in a good healthy life. Last year my mother told me that her good friend pass away because of cancer and she and her hubby both live in a healthy life.
My hubby: That's because they are too concern with what they ate and don't have much antibodies.

Me: What? I don't think so. You know my cousin Mr. K, you know that he is obesity but still manage to go here and there and eat whatever he likes. He and my mother's good friend who pass away is around the same age.
My hubby keep silence.

I continue: Life is unpredictable, it's isn't because you are careful with what you eat and what you do, its will makes you live longer. You will never know what will come next.

That's why I eat what I like and do what I should with no regrets 'cos I don't wanna turn from being young and innocent  to old and guilty :P


~It's amazing wat obstacles the human mind can overcome, if given proper tools. Unfortunately, the world is nuts and I've got a screwdriver~


april :) said...

foam bubble ? WAAA ..
im gonna look for that certain drink in the grocery :)
awww .. i love your mug ! <3 it's engraved

- april

Venie said...

April: Thanks! Well, I am not sure u will find it in the Philippines or not but it worth a try. Nescafe Kopi Tarik. or some other brand that have the word Teh Tarik will do ;)

Birthmark said...

Yup. Just go do what ever you like. You only live once. And I live by this quote. :)

Venie said...

Birth: Thank u ;)