Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Don't keep it all in your head

Recently I feel very annoying about a lot of things. I try to not keep it all in my head but then there's no where to burst the bubble but some how I manage to crack myself up when I found some funny pictures from the web.

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Sometime some people are so annoying that you really do not know how to tell them. Will cutting a bush to an asshole facing your neighbour help?

tadpole, email joke picture, funny joke picture, really funny picture jokes, mother in law
This picture is very funny too because I bet everyone have receive a chain letters, e-mails or even status on the facebook that promise you everything if you pass them to millions or people. Some pathetic one will even curse you had an accident or 7 years of bad luck. But we all know that nothing will happen! You will not strike rich or blessed more than yesterday, your mother in law won't change into toad if you did not pass on the chain.

Picture jokes, Angel, broomstick, email joke picture, funny joke picture, really funny picture jokes
Yes, Woman are angels but when someone breaks our wing we can still fly on a broomstick. After we mend our wings we will decide what to use sometime, te wings or the broom. If we use the wings we will have to be  nice... so that's why most of the time we'll put the broom on.

Yes~! Sometime I wish I can do that too, putting the computer to the photo copy machine when my printer are doom. :P

Quote of the day: "Don't let your alligator mouth get your hummingbird butt in trouble."

Have a nice day :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bryan and his hair cut

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Complicated human

This is what I found circulating around the web recently any almost 90% of the people agree with this:

When no money, keep pigs,
When have money, keep dog.
And the dog will usually sleep on the bed

When no money, eat wild veggies at home,
When have money eat wild veggies at fancy restaurant
By which it cost around BND8 per plate of Taugeh

When no money, ride bicycle,
When have money ride exercise machine

When no money, wish to get married;
When have money, wish to get divorce.
Sometime money are the main reason that why couple fight.

When no money, wife become secretary.
When have money, secretary become wife.
Yes, we have to accept the fact that some women just don't care if the man belongs to you.

When no money, act like rich man;
When have money, pretend to be poor.

Man, O' Man, never tells the truth:
Says share market is bad but keeps speculating;
Says money is evil but keeps accumulating.
Says women are trouble makers but keeps desiring them;
Says high positions are lonely but keeps wanting them.
Says smoking and drinking are bad but keep partaking;
Says heaven is good but refuse to go.

In the rural area, chicken wake up man;
In the cities, man calls for chickens (prostitutes).
In the past, celebrities will not show their bodies nakedly;
In the present, celebrities show their bodies to become famous.

Well, life does not give you the people you want. It gives you the people you need to love you, hate you, break you and also to make you the person that you are meant to be :) 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday activity

Every year's ghost month ( Chinese calender 15th of July) we'll be going back to my hubby's 1/2 home town, Miri - Sarawak for the praying. It is very complicated to explain why it is his half home town, so I just leave it here. Anyway, it's a 3 hour trip from the place we live now to his home town so we start our journey on Friday afternoon and stay over for 2 nights and back on Sunday.

Sunday morning after the praying I decide to have a quick wash for my car before we went back home.
Bryan help with the car wash, but I think he is finding an excuse to play with the water.

While washing, playing and also checking out if anyone is passing by...

The food for praying become our lunch. It is said that those who eat these food will be blessed - well, it's a saying. 

Bryan is exhausted after the car wash and lunch 

After a long 1.5hr trip we reach my parent's house and my mum insist me to take the picture of her beautiful flowers.

My mum tease me: "Of course the orchid is more beautiful. LOL!"

My mum's pet - the angry monkey. She call him Woody.

And angry dog

Finally can go back home.... So tired.

No picture taken for how we celebrate the Chinese Halloween due to have a creepy and scary feeling plus my mother in law was sick so, Erm, maybe next year I will do more photo shoot :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

K3 Parent and Child Creative Project Exhibition

 I never expect this project for Aple's class would be so BIG! I mean all the parents are so great and creative with thier work and while Aple and mine is like a little pea to theirs.... Feel shy about our contribution but then hey, it's the thought that counts.

When I saw the teacher select all those projects I already feel headache. There are about 200+ entries and here are some of the projects that they have selected.

Di Bandar ( In the town) 
erm... Brunei does not have MRT... yet


The market
This is very cute ;)

Fire Station

Drawing competition
The I saw something looks very familiar....

People I know
Our project was selected!!! Yippee... pls click the link for more information about 
Aple and the traffic policeman 

Actually when I post the picture of Aple and the traffic policeman, an anonymous complaints that I had it wrong by which it is suppose to be Balai polis traffik instead of Pejabat polis traffik. Here I would like to clarify a bit:~ Balai polis traffik means polis traffic station and Pejabat polis traffik means polis traffic office.

This is where I found that pejabat polis traffik do exist~ Ahem.... So anonymous please do a little bit Google first before you correct me.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why did she rolls her eyes at me?

Few days ago when I was going to a shopping mall's public toilet, I pass by a Malay pregnant  woman who gave me a dirty look and roll her eyes at me.  I felt weird, thinking what have I done to annoy her that she had to roll her eyes at me. Later that night while surfing around  I pass by a popular local blog and found a post in a shout box : "In this coming holy month, I urge the ladies (Muslim and non-Muslims) to dress appropriately (ie. not showing legs and excessive skin) when going out in public places. Please respect those who are fasting and also to xxx blog to not display indecency pictures. Thanks! Ramadhan Mubarak everyone! "  Then I know that that woman gave me the sneer dirty look because of the short pants I wear. Ok, maybe I should call it Hot Pants 'cos I know I will look hot in the pants :P

Hence, today I wear a knee length dress and to my surprise there are alot of girls wearing hot pants today maybe because of the hot weather. Yes! alot of girls - Chinese, Caucasians and also Malays. So, should they all deserve the dirty look and a rolling eyes too?

Oh well, I will try to be careful during this fasting month and Chinese ghost month because there are tend to have many green eyes monster floating around. I hope they get a big shock one day when they go out into the big wide world and discover it doesn't revolve around them.

*Roll eyes*

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Aple and her hand made robot

On the way to school is always a long and boring trip. This is not because of the distance between the place we live and the kids' school are far. It is very near actually, but the traffic jam sometime needs about 30-45 minutes to reach school.

Today, after finish eating my Wonka sour sweet, Aple says she want the empty box and after a few second she creates this:

The cure for boredom is curiosity.  There is no cure for curiosity.  ~Dorothy Parker 

Eventually I got this song, Hymne by Era from a friend in FB - Sushi (Surin) Thanks! xoxo. I really love this but I can't find any translation for this even thought there's lyric. Oh well, I hope u all enjoy.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Everyone is Angry bird

Why everyone is angry bird?

Angry spider bird

Angry Sesame street
Angry Heroes

Angry Zombie

Angry Bowling ball

Angry Sandwich

Angry cappuccino

Angry Bento - my gal ask if i could make this one.,I say No.... ( Not because I don't know how, it's because I am lazy :P)

Angry love bird

Ahhhhhh Finally I found one Happy Bird :)

 I will always feel happy at the end of the day because maybe I do not have everything that I want but I have everything that I need. =) Happy Weekend!!!