Thursday, November 4, 2010

My hubby help my gal to bath & this is their conversation:

Aple: " Daddy ur skin color is the same as Dora the explorer, so black color..."
Daddy: " Yah lor, cos Dora & Daddy no wash face that's why the face blk color..."
Aple get mad & say : " No la!!! Dora did wash her face!!!"
Daddy Ask: " How u know?"
APle keeps quiet, then she say : " Dora Has no teeth cos she eat too many sweets"
Daddy: " Ya lor, That's why you should brush ur teeth daily..."


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just now from FB i saw a news about a gal wanted to commited suicide treathen to jump off a building of Brunei. The picture posted in FB was that gal already jump & half way to the ground. So i go to the internet & chk the news & found out that gal did not jump out of the building. Someone photoshop it & post it in FB making alot misunderstand & misleading to other people. Some even click like of that picture. These People are so Naive. They think it's funny =(

I really don see any fun of that too....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Last nite, when i was watching TV, Bryan ( 2yrs coming 3yrs in 2 month times ) say: " Mummy i want to play Elmo (Sesame street Games online)"
I say: No! Then Bryan climb on the chair in front of my PC. I just ignore him & thought he couldn't do anything except on & off my pc when suddenly ELMO speak to him!!! I AM SO SHOCK!!! He only saw me do once & he knew it :S I really don know should be Happy - that he's a quick learner or Sad - that some one is going to share my PC :(

Then Bryan say he want to play Thomas ( Online Games) i say go ahead & watch how he did it. He click on the Chrome front page, click Google & simply type "asfdja" ( Of kos he still don know his ABCD ) then click on any website that come out. ( This is wat i usually do when i try to search the "Thomas & fren" website ) LoL!!!

Should I say:" Oh MAN!!!! ( like Dora's Swiper )