Sunday, September 26, 2010


I just learn that there's a chemicals call Parabens commonly use as preservative in Shampoo & skin care products. Parabens are also been found in high concentrations in Breast Cancer Tumors!!

So i quickly go to my bath room n chk out all my shampoos & Luckily i hav all paraben - free products :

but then i found Paraben @ my Hand cream... This cream to said can be apply to body & Face :(

sigh!!! Wat hav happen to this world? Everything anything also can created cancer. The other day i read the news saying that this old lady getting cancer from inhaling too much fragrance of a cloth's softener. Like most of the people who do not hav a balcony so she dry her cloths inside her living room. For a long term inhaling those fragrance pass out from the softener, she get cancer... :((

we cannot blame god for this cos we human create all this cos we are too demanding :P if we are just as simple as the stone age then no much disease/virus can we get...

so wat shall we do now? Just clean wit plan water... that's all...

oh? should i do that? no :P i still wanna smell good hahahah!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

just bought a new vacuum few days ago & my two little monsters wanna try it out... !!! So i hav an idea, I ask them to put away their toys first then they are allow to try it out !!!

Of kos b4 i let them play wit the "TOY" i will vacuum first, so that they are allow to do wat ever they want & i still hav my clean floor... lol!

of kos after that they help me to put it back to the kitchen lol. they are having fun n i hav an eazy way to do housework lol!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

today i bought a new coloring book & fiber pen for my gal to practise her drawing. The first page is aeroplane, & she color it very nicely :

then the next page: b for BELL

then she skip c cos she prefer d for DoLL & this come out :

????!!! i was so shock!!!

i ask her wat happen to the doll's hair?

She told me that cos she like Blue color....
Then she say hair also can be blue color...

Then i ask her, why the doll's skin is brown color?

She said: cos she wan the doll look like Dora...

DORA===== >

hahahhahah!! really don know wanna cry or laugh...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

feeling very down yesterday...

This morning wake up at 6 wit tears n i cry none stop... thinking of yesterday's news i know why that guy wanna commuted suicide.. But i tell myself no, i still wantto see my two lovely kids...

I tell God, pls give me strength & help me to move on... n i hope i can...

I guess internet is the only way i can release my tension...

My wings have dropped and I cant stand
do you think enough of me to give me your hand
Would you see a demon stand in your place wanting to hurt me
Could you have the strength to say you eased me and brought me back to how I should be?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Friendship can be really fragile. Wit one silly misunderstand you can say bye bye to him/her forever.

I've been bugging by one gd fren of mine. Suddenly i cannot read his wall in FB. we've been frens for 15yrs or more. There's no reason that he block me. I say to myself maybe he just remove his FB wall...

Later i saw my fren comment his wall.. I am thinking wth? so i tell myself again maybe he only set the privacy to a few close fren again. So i block him too :P

Few day passed by n i saw another fren can read his wall... n i don think he even know this guy...

many Sleepless nite pass by... i cannot stand anymore... i Inbox him, ask him wat's wrong wit me? then he say he too also thought that i block him first thats why he block me too...

SILLY us!!! Because of one stupid FB error may make us lost or Friendship.

Luckily i did not delete him n let this mystery sank under the bottom of the sea...

Sometimes ppl u make online is better than ur real life fren. Isn't it amazing that ur status in Fb ur blog is always comment by those ppl u never meet b4 while ur real life fren don know wat's in it?

Monday, September 6, 2010

few days ago i saw my two lovely buddy post this:

then we comment:

eventhought we are so far away ( ok not so far abt a few hundred km away & we seldom meet ) but so funny to see wat they doing over there :D

Saturday, September 4, 2010

yesterday i bring my little boy go shopping, he run in front of me n open his arms.

I say: " Mummy cannot hold you, you are a big boy now"

He say: " But i am still wearing Pampers (diapers) "

Feeling astonishing i say: " Ya, but you still a big boy now pls walk wit your own..."

hahahhah! this little boy can really give me headache sometime!!!

Sometimes if i refuse to hold him in my arms, he will ask " Mummy, you don hav strength?"

Friday, September 3, 2010

the other day, my daughter show me her drawing of a fish at school ...

She say " Look mummy, i draw the fish same like u hav FAT FAT tummy !! "

I say : " Wat?! u say i am A FAT FISH?"

She giggle & ran away :S lol.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

yesterday i try Gardenia's new drink : Cola

Gardenia is a brand of a bakery in Singapore

This is the Cola:

& it's so yucky :P new marketing fail...

btw why i still support Coke until now... not only because of the taste but also because of the way they design for the can:


The Laugh line vs the Frown line is like Sunshine vs Rain... COCA - COLA Goooooal!!! vs Penalty, Parties vs Duties, you know wat to do the next time your brows start Furrowing.... *Open Happiness*

Very Creative ^_^

Even the bar code:

Wat goes into making you happy =)

hahahhah! That's wat i always do when i'm enjoying my food...