Monday, June 11, 2012

Going to West Malaysia - Day 2 (14th Apr 2012) Part2

So, finally we get to meet Wilson. He looks exactly just like in FB. A very shy guy with a very smiley face. Wilson is the one who plan for our going and whereabouts in Penang. Penang is another state in Malaysia and it is also known as the Pearl of Orient.

Then we took the ferry to the Penang island. There we met Jerry from Kedah and Charles from Alor Star too. I always chat with Jerry and we read each others blog sometime for almost one year. And I know Charles from FB group chat too who is a good friend of Jerry. Finally, I met these three person in real. 

Libra Cruise ship. I saw the banner posted that it was only RM60 per night.

Old clock tower in Penang. From the picture u will notice that it is drizzling. 

The guys brought us to tried the most famous Penang Fried Kway Teow. 


Ermmmm... The boss mean business... and in case u wanna know, there is NO wifi. So even if you just want to sit only, you still have to pay :P

Tada~ !!!!
 The Famous Penang fried Kway Teow as recommended by many website. I was very shock with the size of the dish -_-" What a small portion. I think I can wallop it with 4 spoonful.... But then since there were many guys around so I better act lady like =P After that the boss said the total was RM47.50. I almost choke myself. I look at Wilson and ask if the boss is kidding? Wilson say no, it is RM9.50 per plate. I said: " Why SO expensive?" Then Jarrey replied: " Maybe because of the prawn..." -_-" I stil think this is too expensive and not really worth it. But then Wilson treat us the Penang fried Kway Teow. I will always remember this so that when he come to Brunei I will treat him Brunei Fried Mee, fry by me... hie hie hie..

In Penang, there is a lot of houses build on the hills. And I wonder what is the feeling of living up so high. And Jarrey told me that all the houses and apartment are very expensive, mostly are over One Million... tsk tsk tsk.... 

On our way to our hotel we saw a classic wedding car and a newly wed couple.


We stay at the Continental Hotel  as suggested by Wilson. The hotel is very neat and closed to some night market. The room is better than KL's although no window also. But overall I still can accept it. 

Then we went to Penang National Park. 

After that we go to  Hard Rock Hotel in Penang.

I bet everyone know who is this.... Unless you are born in the 20s

From left to right : Jerrey, Wilson, Me and Connie ( Charles is the one that took the photo ) 

RM10 just to sit on the horse...  And the owner of the horse was very not satisfy about it because we did not take it for a ride which cost .... I don't remember already...

Blek!!!! Pix taken by Jarrey...

Inside the Hard Rock Hotel:~

Then we went to Penang Night Market. It was a very clean and friendly night market. Unlike the Petaling street, you will never get scold and white eyes at the Penang night market.

And another thing I like about Penang's night market is that I can find a variety of souvenir very cheaply.

The very cute fridge magnet.

After that since we were still not hungry we went to the famous Straight Quay in Penang.
Straight Quay reminds me a little like Clarke Quay in Singapore 10 years ago. Of course now there is a totally big difference between Straight Quay and Clarke Quay. The thing I like about  Straight Quay is that it is not so crowded and noisy. Maybe that time it was not a peak season.

The Snoopy Cafe.... Did not get a chance to go in. 

Penang's night view.

The houses in Straights Quay. I would love to live places like this one day.

 The Cruise ship.

And all those yachts belong to those rich people.

After that it was kid of late, so we return to our hotel and look for Food!!!! Beside our hotel, there is one Food paradise - Red Garden.

A lot of people eating there. 

And another reason why it is a paradise... Pretty sexy singers and dancers.

A lot of variety food. 

Maybe because I was too tired, I really have no mood to taste anything, The guys and Connie order some food for us to taste too.  I order some "China Satay" made of pork, beef and mutton. Since, I tried this in Shanghai before, so I am not surprise with the taste. Not too good and not too bad. Just ok.

Charles had the belacan fried rice. I like this ^^, Tasted good.

Oyster omelette. Not my kind of dish, although I like oyster but I still prefer it to be salty and spicy.

 I really don't know what is this, some pork skin, I think. But I like the tatse of it ^^,

After a long long day, I still don't want to go to sleep because I believe that the night is still young. How could I miss the opportunity to enjoy the night life of Penang. Just on the other side of  the hotel there is a lot of pubs and clubs. Since some "old people" ( Wilson and Connie )  were tired, Jerrey, Charles and I continue to had some beers. I realize that Penang girls who go to the night club are more pretty than the girls in the night club of KL. Maybe because the way they dress.... ( I hope I did Not offence to KL girls... ) 

After a few drinks, the waitress say we can have free KaraOk -ing inside the pub. Charles was thrilled and hurry in. No wonder the waitress is so kind to let us know that there is free KaraOk -ing... because it was almost empty. Well, at least Charles and I had fun singing and Jerrey had fun listening since he said the only song he knows how to sing is " NEGARAKU" 

There is nothing like a nice refreshing beer, followed by another nice refreshing beer, and 6 more after that.... 
Now I understand why they said : Peaces makes the world go around. Alcohol makes it spin like Fu*k!

Back to hotel at 2am, sleep like a log and with a smile on my face =)

To be continue......