Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bryan and the green tea flavour ice-cream

I always enjoy watching Little Bryan munching his food away. The way he eats it make the food look so yummy and sometime I really feel like biting his apple cheek off when he look at me and smile while his other hand is holding his food. 

Anyway, now I know why green tea flavour ice cream need to mix with red bean sometime, because the mixture of green tea and red bean will give u a taste of bitter sweet. Bryan most probably don find this green tea ice - cream in cone without red bean is bitter because he himself is sweet enough . LOL!

Chocolate and Coffee are from beans, Wine is from grapes, Vodka is from potatoes, Cider is from apples. Got my 5 a day!


Small Kucing said...

Bryan have double eyelids!!! His eyes so beautiful

Venie said...

Bryan got his pretty eyes from his mummy... hie hie hie~

april said...

hmm .. i wonder what it tastes like .

Venie said...

Ur local Japanese Restaurant don serve Green tea flavour ice-cream?! Anyway, It taste like Green Tea... bitter if u mix it wit Red bean :) lol!

Birthmark said...

Green tea ice-cream with a matching green shirt to go. Nice.

So, are you wearing red for the red beans?


Venie said...

I cannot predict wat flavor ice cream I'm gonna eat so i might wear rainbow color :)