Thursday, July 7, 2011

Friends and Money.

Recently meet an old friend - Jc. First thing he said is to warn me about his "ex" best friend - Cm who I still contact once a while. Jc told me that to be careful of Cm in case he ask me to lend him some money because Cm will never pay back. Jc have been helping him by loaning some money from the bank and lend it to Cm because they are two best friends for years and he expect Cm to pay back 2-300 dollars monthly. But for years and not a single cent did he ever receive from Cm and now they are totally not contact each other. Jc says he eventually giving up on asking Cm to pay back. Jc also says that a colleague also lend Cm a few hundred dollars and also couldn't get it back and now that colleague had resign and is back to his home town and most probably will never get his money back - ever again. Well, should I say that I am lucky that I never lend a single cents to Cm even thought he's been asking me a couple of time wit numerous reasons? It's because I myself have some financial problem and having a very tight budget now and that's how I escape the whole thing - lost money and friend.

I know these Jc and Cm for almost 15yrs. Hence, they have been best friends even before I know them. It's a shame that a friendship ended this way.

To think again, when I have less commitment and freedom with money I did lost a few hundreds dollars to some friends and some I don't think we'll meet again. Well, that's how it goes when a friend never return ur money, or maybe one day they did return back ur money it's either a scam or u are just lucky :)

About the scam, yes I experience once an old friend pop into my office and told me that he need a hundred dollar to pay for his grocery because he forget to bring his wallet. The next day he pay back. Few days later he ask for $300 and after that he is never been seen again. Pff!!!

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