Thursday, July 28, 2011


Few days ago when we went to a shopping centre, we saw a small expo for the road safety. The kid's eyes shine when they saw the huge traffic police motorcycle. When we almost left the scene, Bryan is pulling my shirt so I ask " Why?" He look at the motorcycle again. I said: " If you want to sit on it, you have to ask the police officer." Bryan look at the police officer shyly and look at me again. I said: " Go on, tell him." Bashfully Bryan go to the police officer, whilst Aple hiding behind his back and say something in mandarin. The Malay police officer look at me and I explain to him that the kids would like to sit on the motorcycle. Nodded happily, the Malay officer say " Sure, you can give it a try." 

Sometime I really admire the kids have the courage to do and ask for the things which they want, while some adults still do not have the courage or even know what they want. Is it because the bigger a person grow into the less confident they have or they fall too many time that precisely give up on courage?

Courage is when you are in pain but u still live on anyway.
Courage is letting go of a familiar to make a fight for a better and brighter future.
Courage ... putting a smile on ur voice as tears roll down ur cheeks.

I think that asking for help is not a sign of weakness but COURAGE in realising that you cannot simply get through this alone.


Small Kucing said...

It's very brave to go up to the policeman to ask.

Venie said...

Yes, I insist them to do that. If they never ask, they'll never know when will they get the opportunity to sit on a police motorcycle. I also would like to sit on it hahhaha, but very shy cos all ppl will look at me. lol!