Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ur Boombastic ENGRISH make me headache...

Recently alot of people are arguing abt their Boombastic engrish or not so boombastic English. Well, to me English is just a language that we use to communicate with each other. It's not our mother tongue or our culture either. That's why it will cos alot of trouble if u misspell or misread it. But why so serious? Let's have fun & enjoy some pic that I find very ridiculous & funny

p/s: No, I am not laughing at ur boombastic and not so boombastic engrish, I am only laughing at those pictures Tongue out

Deformed Person?! 

Eliminate HORNINESS essence.... Some ahmoians might need this. 

A time SEX thing... I think they mean daily products.

Pls, Don't fall down!

"Enviro Mental Protection Area"... yeah, we hate those enviros!

Horny Care.... LOL!

Facial Body Remover? Interesting...

Ya, this room is for STUFF ppl only.

In case u are looking for the monkeys, they are in the forest :P

Who let the droppings out?

Protect CircumStance begins wit Me....

Assfisting instead of assisting on a legal paper...  Who need a lawyer that's assfisting may look for this lawyer.

In the middle of the road EJACULATING... ewwwww

I have a DRAEM & a DERAM.

"SOTP" in Africa ...

Not a through TOAD when toad united :P

No VECHILE access, 

The baggage has been X-RATED... so u better hide ur porn.

Hillary & her TOMMORROW ~

I hope they BYE dictionary too...

Ya, everyone need to go to SHCOOL...

When Success Fail...

u better park ur motercycle there.

Law Breker! Someone better call the CAP.

Sorrry Soorry Sorry....

You Morans! Get me a Brian!

Ya, i get wat u mean :P

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