Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't Judge a food just from the Menu.

Recently was celebrating birthday with my family. My hubby decide to bring me to try the newly open bistro cafe  - Station One in Miri Sarawak.

So we've ordered their Champion Steak & pasta. It's very disappointing.
The Pasta is so different from wat it look like on the menu. The prawns shrink & the clams disappear. Tsk Tsk tsk....

Yes, I did not touch the food. Obviously the chef do not have the decorating mood or don have the skill in decorating. Reminds me of the steak that I've order at some chinese kopitiam looks more delicious.

Well, I can't complaint much. I should know better than judge the food from the menu. Sigh! So far, I never find Miri's food is worth the price. Maybe because of the inflation, I've ever compare the price of fresh seafood is usually much more expensive than in Brunei. Well, there's still something that's worth to eat in Miri is Kolo Mee..... & Kolo Mee.... LOL! I really can't think of what else is good to eat there.

Delicious Sausage...

I think some people don't mind the left over :)


Who wanna Try ?


Yes, Sometime u are so piss that u wanna do this tomake them notice u :P


"Sigh. guess it's time to go do some grocery shopping. A mouse hung itself in our fridge and left a note 'can't live like this'

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