Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Naughty Kids

Recently I've found this pic I took long time ago. My naughty kids are disturbing my bro while he is sleeping. That is the only time that he is not mad when someone disturb his beauty sleep.

When I see this I thought they are just only messing ard.

Then a Hand come out & grab them.

Ahhhhh..... My bro was buried by the toys!!!!

My Bro say: " Pls let me go.....back to sleep" ahhhhahahah!
 Kids sometime are very innocent just like an angel, yet some say they are like a devil. Well, I say they are not EVIL like a devil, kinda like nottie monsters. :)

Remember when we are young there's nothing that we fear about and life is so wonderful?

we were young punks but we showed potential
us against the world, we weren’t sentimental
we weren’t our problems, our age or our paychecks
and we weren’t taking any body’s sh!t
if I knew now what I knew then, I’d
back up do it all again, I’d
take a bow, take it real slow
take a ride down the yellow brick road
“yellow brick road” by raine maida
Show ur kids that u love them not by giving  them everything they ask for & not letting them get away wit doing things they shouldn't do. 
Have u ever looked at ur kids & have ur heart filled wit so much love & pride that it bought tears to ur eyes? 

I never believed at " Love at first sight" until I became a

No words could describe the feeling of being mom & no words can describe how much I love them too. And sometimes I wonder am I the only one that's being outsmart by a 3yrs old? :P

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