Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How my Sony Ericsson become Ipad2

Recently my kid's Aunt Renie bought anew ipad2 and make the kids so addicted to it especially my little girl: -Aple. Since then Aple keep bugging her dad to buy her an ipad2 too. But after considering  the features and prices of ipad2 her dad and I decided to wait for a while and hopefully some other brands have come out something like ipad2 with a cheaper price and most important thing of all can play FB flash games. 

One day, while we are waiting for Bryan finish his ECA, Aple took my louzy outdated hand phone Sony Ericsson W800i -  and watch some video clips. Then she said to me excitedly: " Mummy, mummy, you got an ipad!" I look at her wit one of my eyebrow raised: " Huh?" Then she continues again: " You see, when I touch the Pink Panther, he will go. Then I touch again the screen Pink Panther switch on the lights. I point the lights again it turn off and piss Pink Panther so much." She giggles and continue playing wit the video clip as if it's an ipad game. I look at her playing with her imagination ipad, I feel like biting her apple cheeks because she is so CUTE!

This is the video clip of Pink Panther that she pretends to play like an ipad game. Try it by starting he go angrily to the basement: -

I may not be perfect, I make mistakes, but two things that I have done with no mistakes and done perfect is my children who are the greatest gifts!

~ It's humbling to know that u're blessed. I may not be rich in material things or money, but I'm so wealthy in LOVE, and being wealthy is much better than in rich! ~ 

Have a nice day :)

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