Monday, June 6, 2011

Follow the Masses

The greatest 4 words anyone could ever say to a woman are: " Have you lost ur weight?" Of kos one should never said to a woman that : " Wow, u gain so much since the last i see u!" I would surely reply: " Wow u get so many wrinkles since the last I See u!"

Duh, I am not a plastic Barbie doll, of kos I will gain or lost weight sometimes especially I am a mother wit some monstrous kids. Gain weight is for sure especially when u are pregnant and after u give birth, then lost weight is when u have to take care of the babies and have numerous sleepless night taking care of the crying babies. You will gain weight again because u have to take care of all those unfinished foods which ur kids cannot finish off and u think it's a waste that u cannot dump the food away as u don have any animals that can help u wit the left overs.

This is in reality. Guys laugh at fat gals. Gals laugh at old guys. People laugh at monkeys and monkeys laugh at us. Everything happens for a reason, whether good or bad, it can only make you stronger.
Intelligent people talk about ideas. Average people talk about things. Stupid people talk about other people. 

But who will stay like the shape of a  plastic Barbie doll forever? We all get heavier as we get older cos there are many info in our head. So fat ppl are not really fat, they are just intelligent and their head couldn't hold it any longer.

Sometimes u gotta do more than rocking a boat, sometimes u gotta jump in head first & make some waves. But be careful of following the masses - remove the "m" and who exactly are u following?  :P

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