Saturday, June 25, 2011

Do I have something on my teeth?

This blog is dedicated to the dentists that I know. So far I have met dozen of nice dentists and maybe I will meet some at the school today for the Teeth Brushing Campaign - for my kids. I wonder why all those dentists are so nice yet some of the doctor I have met is kinda arrogant. Worst to worst I have even met a snotty and nasty nurse! That's a different story....

Here's some jokes I find very Interesting and Funny:

" I'm sorry madam, but I shall have to charge u $150 for pulling ur boy's tooth."
"Hundred dollars! Why I understood u to say that u charge only $30 for such work!"
" Yes:, replies the dentist, "but ur boy yelled so terribly that he scared out 4 other patients out of the office."

" Open wider." requested the dentist, as he began his examination of the patient. " Good God! He said startled. " U have got the biggest cavity that I've ever seen."
"Ok Doc!" replied the patient. " I am scared enough without u saying smt like that twice."
" I didn't", said the dentist. " That was the echo".

Patient to Dentist: "How much to get my teeth straightened?"
"Twenty thousand bucks" Patient heads for the door.
Dentist to patient: "Where are you going?"
"To a plastic surgeon to get my mouth bent."

Wat the monkey do is just like sometime wat my boy did to me... chking to see I really don eat any sweet without his knowledge. LOL!!!!

Cute jelly bean gal.

U got that right!

Amazing way to advertise his dental clicnic
Even cat brush their teeth
Don Forget to chk ur teeth after u eat lunch later~

Don't go for a looks, they can deceive. Don't go for wealth, even that fades away. Find the one that makes ur heart smile because it will never go away. 

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