Monday, June 27, 2011

Exotic pets expo

Yesterday we went to a shopping centre when my husband found out that they are having an expo beside the building. At the moment I  enter the expo camp I saw this guy is trying to make some drinks and when he know we are watching him he keep asking us if we wanna try that drinks? I say no and run away... But now it makes me wonder, What is that?

Hence later we went almost to the end of the camp my husband ask me excitedly  :" You wanna see snake?" 
I say : " Sure, why not?"  then I ask Aple: " You wanna see or not?" as if I don't know what is the answer.. LOL! Like wat I expected she jump happily and said: " Yes!" Therefore my hubby ask for the fees for the Exotic Pets Expo  and they told him that the fee for the kids are free and for the adult is $6 only. Thus my husband said to me: " Ok u go in wit the kids and I stay outside." Well, it's not a surprise that he back up in last minute. 'Cos I know him too well. It's not like he's scared or anything, he just thought those things are for kids :P
The tickets for Exotic Pets Expo 
The inside of the Exotic Pets Expo...

The snake handlers encourage my kids to touch them. He told us that the snake is very friendly.

Look at Bryan's "Eyucky" face. Aple is more braver .

This is my first time to hold a snake. It is very shy that it hide it's face inside when I try to kiss it. :P I like this alot... Reminds me of my husband silly shy face.
The snake handler said to Bryan : " Oh no, don't squeeze the snake." Then she turn to me and said: " You have some brave kids. I replied,: " Nah, what do they know? They just thought thatit's a toy snake." lol!

The only venomous snake in the Exotic Pets Expo.

The snake is taking a bath ...

Do Not Disturb!!! The snake is hiding under that piece of paper.

I have one gecko that looks like this which stay in my room before.   

Bryan holding the star Turtle from INDIA. 

They are throwing toungue at each other :S

Aple trying to kiss Bella the python.

One of the snake handler told us that the snakes are not dangerous because they were born in captivity. They are very tame and usually are affectionate to people. This is the first time I am not so scared ( or rather yucky)  of snakes any more because to think of it they are not so dangerous like two head snake. They only bite if they feel threatened.

The greatest problem of most human beings, is that we listen half, we understand quarter, we think zero, we react double...Remember forever!

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