Thursday, June 2, 2011

Qu Yuan, is not a Hero

One day a fren of mine msg me that she wanna give her future baby's name Yuan, as represent a historical man for the Dumpling Festival. I say: " No way, did u know that that guy committed suicide?" Then I tell my hubby abt this and my hubby said that Qu Yuan is a "hero". I told him a hero would never committed suicide no matter wat. Qu Yuan left his family and fren just because of a dying kingdom. Why he never thought of continue his life and fight for his family? This is a act of an irresponsible man, who give up and throw his burden to his family and friends. Qu Yuan, is not a Hero.

Link for the story of Dumpling Festival:

Your children is a proof that you are here for a reason. They are a reflection of you and when they turn out to be an adult, you know that you are success in life. Nothing can bring you a smile on ur face faster than hearing a baby's giggle by which is the sweetest & purest sounds in the world. A child is like banging your heads against the wall of marshmallow - it doesn't really hurts but it scrambles ur brains for a while. Sometime it even make u think: " Did the nurse accidentally switched babies on you at the hospital?" But then nothing makes you feel more loved and happy than the arms of ur child wrapped ard ur neck & said: " I love you Mummy" :D

If families are like brownies then mine has WAY to many nuts in it. :P

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