Sunday, October 23, 2011

What are you attracting?

Law of attraction. We human are a big magnet ourselves. We attract what we think. 

By Stephen Pierce
When trying to understand the Law of Attraction, it's easiest to think of yourself as a magnet.
As you already know, magnets attract things. But they do it without even trying, right? It's the same for you. You attract things all the time and most of the time, you do it by default. Most of the time, you are not making a deliberate choice in what you are attracting to you. You get up, go to work, take care of the kids, feed the dog, go to bed - you go about your daily business. Maybe while you do it, you are focused on a problem that needs solved or a bad thing that happened or you are just tired or in a foul mood.
So, while you're doing that - focusing on something negative - you're unconsciously attracting negativity to you. No one sets out to attract negativity, of course, but we attract the likeness of what we are thinking about. If you're thinking about a lack of something in your life, for example, you'll continue to attract a lack, just like that magnet attracts metal.
If you consciously make a shift in your thinking, however, to something positive - like seeing yourself with abundance instead of scarcity, you will attract abundance.
The key to successfully doing this sounds a little easier than it is, but with practice, you can do it constantly and effectively. Though life will always through hardships in our way, the key to not letting those hardships stay around and keep you down is to not dwell on them constantly. When one arises, examine it briefly and then figure out how to use it to your advantage or let it go. People tend to have habits of clinging to the bad things in life, the negative, the things we do not like - we dwell on them in our thoughts, we talk about them to our friends, we focus on what we do not like, because it bothers us.
However, by training ourselves to not cling to that negativity - to let it come up, look at it for a minute and then let it go - we are opening ourselves up and making room for the positive. Instead of a lack, we will be open to abundance.
We won't be a magnet that is repelling all the good things in life simply because we're in the habit of hanging on to the bad.

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I really begin to understand these law of attractions. That's why some people complaints that the bad things keep happen to them because seems like they attracting bad things unknowingly. But first we all need to start believing. 

p/s: Trying to find your phone when its on silent is one of life's hardest tasks.... Let me use LOA to see if I can attract my phone to come out... LOL!

Have a nice day!



Mommy to Chumsy said...

Thanks for sharing. I've read The Secrets and try to use the LOA. Not easy to switch the mind to think about the positive things but need to try harder :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Venie, very true....
and a lovely smile can be a magnet too.....maybe more powerful as it can make men give up their bachelor's degree.
Ha ha.
Nice posting. Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.

Hayley said...

Very great article~

Take care!

Coffee Girl said...

LOL. did it work, with ur phone, i mean?

mNhL said...

Some elder people tend to believe more in pantang larang (taboos).

Small Kucing said...

lol....what happen to your phone

Neha said...

Lovely post :)

eugene said...

we learn each day of the time,, every failure lies a success,,just don't up easily

Venie said...

Thank u guys!

P/s: I found my phone by not looking for it! You know la, sometime when we don't look for a certain things they will come out automatically...

Have a nice day! =)

BreastfeedingDiva said...

Hello, I came across this blog while looking for info on Law of Attraction. I recently wrote a post but it will not be published until tomorrow. I found this to be interesting. Thanks for sharing

Venie said...

Thanks Diva, Glad u like my post.