Monday, October 10, 2011

Cooking My 1st Braised Pig’s Feet

After throw out what I have inside my heart, I finally pick up every pieces of me and decided to move on. Usually after my blogging I will go check around the latest update of my Fabulous Blog and I saw BestOodles's update : ~

Braised Pig’s Feet

I can't believe how BestOodles make it sound so easy to cook my favourite food! So I decided to give it a tried last nite and HEY! it is not so bad after all =) Just look at the picture, can't you hear they say " EAT ME!" ? :P 

Anyway I couldn't find the Chinese Vinegar brand that BestOodles suggest, I use Phat Chun instead.

Hm....  despite the feet are a bit hard for the OLD PEOPLE ( OK, next time I just braised it for 2 hrs... roll eyes*  ) the rest are just so Delectable!!! 

Thanks! BestOodles~ <3

For those who are interested with BestOodles's Authentic easy Burmese, Chinese recipes and cooking site, pls do not hesitate to go:

Happy Cooking =) 


Hayley said...

Mmm, yummy~

reanaclaire said...

Practice makes perfect... this dish is very appetizing... last time I just fed my kids with one dish like this.. kau thim.. hahaha..

ChrisAu said...

Eh....looks good! Yummy?

S.V. said...

I love pigs feet but haven't had it in such a long time. My mother used to make it often when I was a kid. Yours looks good.

eugene said...

When you started doing the things that you like,, that's a good sign that you are up and going,, all the best to ya,

take care,,will be back checking and saying hi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Venie said...


Venie said...

reanaclaire ~
Yes, I agree wit you... Now I have new dish to fed my kids =))

Venie said...

Yes, Especially the skin part~

Venie said...

You should try it sometime, The taste of sour mix wit sweet is so perfect!

Venie said...

Thnx =) I'll try to move on... Sigh but one thing gone another thing yet to come. Hence I just receive another bad news last nite... I guess God just wan me tobe more stronger.

p/s: Wat happen... I'll blog it out later when I got the time.

BestOodles said...

Venie, if you use pressure cooker only take you 30 to 40 minutes and it's melt in your mouth. But if you use regular pot then it'll take you 2 to 2.5 hours to cook the feet!

I am glad this dish help you pick up some pieces. Hope you feel well and I'll be back later!

Coffee Girl said...

Damn... it's only 11am and already i'm hungry! that looks very very very moist and tender. arghh... going for early lunch now! brb!

Venie said...

Ah.... No wonder! Hm, I should try to get a pressure cooker. Thanks for the tips :)

Venie said...

Coffee Girl:
Bon appetite! =)

Kian Fai said...

I like pork dish :) and this sure entertain me lots lol