Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dramatic Reading

Jenny: Debra! you are crying!!! Who's the idiot who brought you tears?
Debra: Joan!!! She was so mean to me.

Jenny: Why? I thought you two are good friends!
Debra: She said I was a snob and two faced as well!

Jenny: Joan said that to your face?
Debra: Not really! Amy said Veron heard from Madeline that Joan said that to her!

Jenny: Good grief, girl! You are talking about IDLE RUMOURS!
Debra: Where there's smoke there's fire! I never thought Joan would do this to me. She is spoiling my reputation!

Jenny: Nonsense! No one will believe that slander!

Later when Jenny met Joan....

Jenny: Are you mad at Debra?
Joan: Of course I am!! She's been telling everyone that I 'm a snob!

Jenny: Who says that?
Joan: Danny told me he got it from Kathy who said Madeline heard it from Debra herself. How dare that little sassy little twit badmouth me?

Jenny: Arghhhhh!!! don't you girls have any common sense? The common denominator in these rumours seems to be Madeline.

When Jenny and Joan arrive at the Ice - cream house they saw Madeline...

Jenny: How about the war between Jessica and Kathy, Madeline?
Madeline: Wow!! wasn't that something?

After that Madeline run away in a hurry...

Joan: What war?
Jenny: There's none. Give Madeline a little time to give it her " Dramatic Reading"!

Sometime later Jenny and Joan met their friends - Amy and Veron.
Amy: Well, it's been a long time coming
Veron: Right! That little pot's been bubbling for years!

Jenny: What's that? What are you talking about?
Amy: Danny!! The way he broke up the life long friendship! Jessica and and Kathy's jealousy over Danny finally exploded! They'll never talk to each other again!
Veron: Madeline was there!! She heard the whole thing!

When Amy and Veron left, Joan said to Jenny:
Joan:  Jenny! You didn't say that!!
Jenny: See what I mean? Madeline always has to give everything a Dramatic Reading!

Joan: Dramatic my foot! That was an outright lie!

Debra: You mean Madeline? ...
Jenny: She has to juice up every remark she hears! That's what gossip  leads to!

Debra hugging Joan

Debra: Joan!!! I'm so sorry!!!
Joan: Me too!! I should have known you wouldn't say anything mean to me!


Small Kucing said...

huh? confused already. who is who and what? :p

Venie said...

hahhahahahh!!! dang!! better do it in comic! kekkke

Hayley said...

Ya, better do it in comic style, hehehe :P

Coffee Girl said...

You lost me on the third scene. hahaha. i actually reread the whole scene!

Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

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Venie said...


Ok, i'll redo it when I got the time

Coffee girl:
Hahhahha real sorry abt the drama... I will redo it in comic sometime later...

Mr. Lonely:
Thanks for dropping by :)