Friday, October 14, 2011

Raising the tone of the neighbourhood

In Brunei, usually we'll see these kind of driver around Hot Spot especially around places like Coffee Bean where a lot people are sitting outside and enjoying their drinks. Well, we know these drivers are seeking for attention... ya ya, some of them are not looking for attention. They just love the music and they only want to share it out. Duhh!! That's why we sometime suspect they work in a Music Shop. 

I've seen some of them purposely put the Sub-Woofer outside the car to creates noise pollution. And when they pass by,  those car parking at the parking lot will start to moan and swearing with their alarm systematic voice.   

Yes, this is a warning to those parents who try to start their kid's car and for those  who have heart attack, pls don risk it.

The most annoying of them all is those irresponsible dad who turn on the music so loud with their kids inside the car with them. Hey, This is NOT COOL!!! =(


yvonne said...

This loud, noisy cars are real nuisance. Not being thoughtful and only boastful, in my point of view.

We rarely encounter this situation in our town here, because the police will hunt them down and slam them with tickets :)

Venie said...

That's great! But in Brunei the police will only hunt them down if they got a report or else usually they will let it be...

Small Kucing said...

duno like noisy car. heacheache