Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Love the "F" Word

F for Friday... what word were you thinking I was thinking?Ok ok!!! Before some of you starts to use the F word towards me, let me tell you the story of my Friday...

My Lunch:~
Sambal Pork chop

The kid's lunch:~
Corn soup + pork & potatoes with oyster sauce.

The kid's Tea break: ~
Home made Pizza & Milo...

Later that evening when we were heading to the park it rain...
End of Friday......

p/s: Actually this post is suppose to post on Friday nights but then... something came up 

Anyway, Have a nice day =)


Small Kucing said...

funny meow

mNhL said...

raining still goes to the park ?

Neha said...

Lovely post!!! Recipe for home-made pizza plss :)

Venie said...

Small Kuching:
Thanks! And I wish I had a meow smile like that too.. :D

Cos promise the kids already, they were so exited when we left home eventhought it was drizzling... My hubby still hopes that the park is sunny.... but then sigh :(

Hahhahah That was Eazy! 1 slice of bread, Tomato sauce, Cheese, Hotdog, some parsley leaves... and put into oven then Viola~ a fast home made Pizza!!!!