Sunday, October 16, 2011

From Negative to Positive

Sometime we will feel blue and depress. It is like a seasonal mood. Hence we should transform these negative feeling into something happy. After browsing through the net and getting the info from some radio specialist, I found these five ways :

1. Stop predicting the worst. 
If something that doesn't come in our way, don't catastrophising the disaster scenario. Every mole is a sign of cancer, every headache is because of brain tumour. We are not a fortune teller, you don't predict things and these negative thoughts will not help us in anything. So try defeat those bad thought by thinking something better.

2. Stop minus the good.
When people compliment us, take it and enjoy the flattening. Even thought we know that they are only saying this to please us or they don't mean it, it really doesn't matter. We should just focus on the good part.

3. Stop mind reading especially when we're stuck with negative thought.
Sometime we will felt like other people think that we are dumb even thought they say nice thing about us. This is negative energy that blocks positive thoughts. No one knows what others are thing about. We should not only listen to what they say but also see their body language, do they really think that we are dumb? Do they really hate us? It's a doubt. If you ask them what they really think, believe them. Release those negative energy and try accept those positive thought instead.

4. When bad things happen accept it with an open heart.
Bad things only happen temporary if we can get through it. Al thought sometime things cannot turn out to be like what we wanted;  at least it's over and we should start from there and get over it. Every time something goods happen, make it a reason that good things happen because the bad things which happen before brings it. For example when our loved one died and later when something good happen, we should thank the loved one for bringing it to us.

5. Don't take everything too personally.
Sometimes we always feel like we give more than what we receive but sometime this is not true. Most of the people also have their own hardship and challenges. To my knowledge, my friend do not give me virus on purpose and whoever did it probably has no idea that their PC was infected with virus. Sometime bad things just happen. If we take things personally it will just leads to accusing and useless thought and emotions. 

With all the information I gave above I hope now you can learn to "POW WOW" all the bad. Don't forget to appreciate those who give you free compliment and  give at least a smile to those who u meet because that might be the only good thing that they receive today. =)

Happy Sunday!



Hayley said...

Things will eventually over and we should always be hopeful and think positive ;)
Have a nice day!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Venie, You're right there.
Life is never a straight road, nor the queen of flowers, always ready to draw blood for the unwary with its thorns.
I believe in living life with no excuses, love with no regrets.
Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.

Small Kucing said...

am guilty of almost every one of it

Sheoh Yan said...

I tend to take thing too personally, but I have learned not to now. Thanks for sharing.