Wednesday, October 26, 2011


When I was young I had some piano lesson before. One day my piano teacher asked me:  " Who ask you to learn piano?" I answer: " My dad". Then after that my dad was so mad that he make me quitted  my piano lesson. I really don't know what the teacher told my dad that make him so mad. She probably thought that  I meant my dad force me to take piano lesson. After that the piano at my house was left unattended for many years.

When Aple agrees to learn how to play piano, the whole family was very excited because we never had a pianist in our family before. ( Although  I almost become one =P ) I kept telling my husband that we will give Aple a try, if she is not talented and not interested after a few months then I will not force her. So in between I try to motivate Aple and discuss with Aple's teacher and to see what's her progress and  we found out that  Aple is a fast learner and she did very well. 

One day my dad came to our house then he saw the musical keyboard and he teased me: 
" If you did not tell your teacher that I let you have the piano lesson, you should be a Pianist right now."
 I replied:  " Dad, she was asking me who let me to take piano lesson and I reply that it's my dad and I don't think there's something wrong with the answer. If she asked me if i was interested to learn piano, I will replied YES!" I continued again: " Hence at that time the teacher taught me boring and silly song, I was 12 at that time. You see what Aple learn now? She knows how to play Rain rain go away, Old McDonald have a farm and Long Long ago."
My dad kept quiet.

However I will never blame my parents for anything because why do I hate my parents when I know that  they will be there for me and one day when they are gone, I will cry my heart out. That's why I cherish them now.


eugene said...

Expose Aple to different genres of music,that way(in my opinion) she will feel interested to know the thing called "music" you see,kids fall out from music lessons is because(in my opinion again) is that,they can't find the real passion in if they are exposed to different kinds of music,they might think to themselves,"wa,music can be so fun one lah"

keep it up Aple

Hayley said...

Learning piano is good~

Jia you, Aple~

Venie said...


I even try to teach her to play grenade by bruno mars and also an oldie Heart & soul. But then I think she is more prefer to children song...

Venie said...


Neha said...

My grandma wanted me to learn classical dance and I quit after 2 years. I wish I would have continued.

Our parents want the best for us always. It's so nice that you are motivating your daughter. I'm sure she will pick up real soon!

mNhL said...

Great to let her learn music. I wish to let my girl learn too but not sure if she will be interested. All the best to Aple

Sheoh Yan said...

I wasn't lucky enough to own a piano or get touch on piano when I was young. I love music, song and dance. So now I give my children the opportunity to learn music and I also own a piano because of that.

LoveStory said...

I wish I could too. xD