Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chinese Coca - Cola Chicken Wings - inspired by Claire

My kids' simple lunch : Corn soup + Coca - Cola chicken wings

If you are asking me why Coca - Cola chicken wings is a Chinese dish, then I really don't know how to reply you. When Claire told me that she is going to cook  Coca - Cola chicken wings for her party, I ask for the recipe and try it myself. Since there's some ingredient that I don't have in hand I go Google and to my surprise I found out that most of the people name it Chinese Coca- cola Chicken wings.

The Ingredients are simple:

Chicken wings
Soy sauce
Dark soy sauce
Vegetable oil

Marinate the chicken wings for 20 minute then put everything to the pot and Viola~ <3

LOL!  I know I have a lot of clever mum / dad readers so I just make this short. This dish is simply scrumptious!

" No Coke No Hope" 
- Juliet in Love ( 朱丽叶与梁山伯)

No coke no hope is used to be my most favourite quote but we all know that too much coke is not good for our health, so I just make it to my 2nd favourite quote. So now whenever I need Hope I will drink coke ( or coffee ......... ) 

Sometimes our hearts lead us to places we may be afraid to go - and yet sometimes we just need to "follow our hearts".

Have a nice day!



Coffee Girl said...

Who would've known that Coke makes a good marinade? my chinese friend's mom cooked this once and it was yummy!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Venie, I love iced coke! But not too often.
but Coca-Cola chicken? never heard nor eaten. Wonder what it tastes like?
Personally I love roast chicken, or wings. With Chile sauce.
Best regards.

Hayley said...

I tried this before, but not cooked by me la :P

The corn soup looks healthy and nice!

mNhL said...

Looks so easy to cook, but not sure if I'm able to whip that up. haha...

Venie said...

Coffee girl:
Maybe next time I should marinate wit coffee eh?

Venie said...

uncle lee,

I think u should try it and u will definitely ask for more =) Yes next time I should try roasted Coke chicken.

Venie said...


The corn soup is also a very simple dish and by which cost abt Rm8-10 here. No wonder those who do catering earns alot of money!!!

Venie said...


You should try it. Adjust the taste of the food anyway u like. I really don know how to describe the taste - salty + sweet? But then the kids just love the sauce to go with their rice =)

Small Kucing said...

yummy coke chicken wings

Sheoh Yan said...

I am planning to buy Coke and chicken drumstick this weekend. Thanks for the recipe.

eugene said...

Ok,, thanks Venie,i shall give it a try too,,,,,,,probably i will try just a few first, kalau bagus, next time hantam more ,kekekkekeekk

Neha said...

The dish sounds good. I am a vegetarian, but can surely make it for my fiance :)

Kelvin said...

A hongkong cook created it if i am not wrong?

Venie said...

Small Kucing:

You should ask mamarazzi to prepare some for u too =)

Venie said...

Sheoh Yan, eugene & Neha: Happy Cooking~ <3

Kelvin: Prolly... =)