Sunday, October 9, 2011

Faker in my computer.

Recently I am feeling down partially is because that I have discover the truth about a good net friend of mine - Sonia using other gal's picture and imposing her. This is so shock and very sad. Seriously, I don think I am mad about her because all these months she had gave a lot of supports and advices to me. She herself hates fakers too but then few weeks ago when another net friend - Claire pm me a site and some pictures, my heart was trembled and quaked. We kept saying to ourselves, it's impossible or maybe Sonia is Leena. Claire especially was heart broken because she knew Sonia for a very long time and she shared a lot of secret with Sonia. Thus later Claire decided to PM Sonia and after several replies Sonia later deleted her Fb account and now vanish in the thin air. Before Sonia disappear, she still makes us believe that she is Leena until today the REAL Leena write this on her blog: 

Hi! I'm Sonia Chin... NOT!

So I know it's time to wake up. Sonia is not Leena. Hence, Sonia not only is faked but lied. =(

Dear Sonia,
When I first blog in ahmoi, you are one of the good people I know that support and advice me whenever I was attack by my haters. Then later we exchange our FB account and you write this to me:

You even advise me

I am not mad at you actually but disappointed because you never hurt or attack anyone of us. But you should admit at least that you are using Leena's picture actually. All of us in the group respect and honour you but you took it for granted and just smash it like that. You have ruin our trust. I really don't care what you look like and even you are using Spock's picture, I'll still accept you as a good friend. But why did you lie that you are Leena? Why?

Sorry to see that you decide to leave us and let our friendship just end this way. Hence, even though  you really don't appreciate our friendship now, I hope one day if you decided to come back as the real Sonia Chin, Claire and I will still accept you as a good friend.  If that day really comes, you know where to find us.

Take care and we will miss you much.


Let go of what kills you,
Hold on to what completes you,
and fight for what is worth your all!!!


Coloradocasters said...

Better always to stay true to one’s self. This person has sacrificed a lot of their honor and for what? Everything they do from this point on will be subject to scrutiny. Humility over vanity and truth above lies. This is the high road in life and the view is much better.

Claire said...

Love does not hurt, people do!
Love is not blind, people are!
Love is beautiful because people take care of it!
Love is ugly when people choose to spoil it!

mNhL said...

Does Sonia have a reason for doing that? Sorry to hear what you had experienced.

Hayley said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear about the indicent. May be there's a reason behind?

yvonne said...

Sorry for the trust that has been broken. It's weird when someone who is always so supportive went banished like that :s

eugene said...

Well,at least you did enjoy the Sonia even a fake one though,,, now it is up in the thin air,, life goes on,, and I am you have ,,,,,,,,,

take care now ya......