Wednesday, August 10, 2011

K3 Parent and Child Creative Project Exhibition

 I never expect this project for Aple's class would be so BIG! I mean all the parents are so great and creative with thier work and while Aple and mine is like a little pea to theirs.... Feel shy about our contribution but then hey, it's the thought that counts.

When I saw the teacher select all those projects I already feel headache. There are about 200+ entries and here are some of the projects that they have selected.

Di Bandar ( In the town) 
erm... Brunei does not have MRT... yet


The market
This is very cute ;)

Fire Station

Drawing competition
The I saw something looks very familiar....

People I know
Our project was selected!!! Yippee... pls click the link for more information about 
Aple and the traffic policeman 

Actually when I post the picture of Aple and the traffic policeman, an anonymous complaints that I had it wrong by which it is suppose to be Balai polis traffik instead of Pejabat polis traffik. Here I would like to clarify a bit:~ Balai polis traffik means polis traffic station and Pejabat polis traffik means polis traffic office.

This is where I found that pejabat polis traffik do exist~ Ahem.... So anonymous please do a little bit Google first before you correct me.


eugene said...

Man or man, i am sure those pieces of arts are really painstakingly done, i cannot imagine i would do that,,, hahahah.

tak kisah lah,, balai polis atau whatever,, kena saman kena juga bayar,

good day dear friend

Hayley said...

But usually we say Balai Polis, right? =_=

Venie said...


hahahha! This is true === > kena saman kena juga bayar... :D

Venie said...


Balai or pejabat... the same la.... ;)

mNhL said...

Congrats for your project being selected. Must be over the moon!

Small Kucing said...

the kids really have the building down to details. Great job

Bay said...

Kids these days are amazing, they are literally better than me. I'm dreadful in Art & Design.

Good job Venie & Aple!

Cabbageboo said...

I love school projects :D, you get to have FUN time with the kids. That is if they do as per instructed by moi kekekkekeke!

BoeyJoey said...

Yay to you and Aple for being selected! Always love kids' art... so colourful, so honest, and cute to boot :-).

Thanks for visiting my blog :-).

Kian Fai said...

hi! first of all thanks for follow :)

I remember last time when I was in pri-school first year, I try to make a tank thru paper work, at the end I think didnt turn out well and I am the best of all.

those paper work on above reminds me of my childhood :) hehe

Coffee Girl said...

Wow, everyone is so creative! back to kindy again huh? :-))

Venie said...


Thank u. :)

Venie said...

Small Kucing

I think the Parent's doing a good job instead. lol!

Venie said...


Thank u :)

Venie said...


hahahha u love the orders... but nah, cannot apply to 4yrs and below. lol!

Venie said...

BoeyJoey ,

You are welcome. But kid's project nowadays make me feel dumb sometime. lol!

Venie said...

Kian Fai

u're welcome. Well, that means the teacher really see ur effort :)

Venie said...

Coffee Girl,

it's fun to be a kid again :)