Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday activity

Every year's ghost month ( Chinese calender 15th of July) we'll be going back to my hubby's 1/2 home town, Miri - Sarawak for the praying. It is very complicated to explain why it is his half home town, so I just leave it here. Anyway, it's a 3 hour trip from the place we live now to his home town so we start our journey on Friday afternoon and stay over for 2 nights and back on Sunday.

Sunday morning after the praying I decide to have a quick wash for my car before we went back home.
Bryan help with the car wash, but I think he is finding an excuse to play with the water.

While washing, playing and also checking out if anyone is passing by...

The food for praying become our lunch. It is said that those who eat these food will be blessed - well, it's a saying. 

Bryan is exhausted after the car wash and lunch 

After a long 1.5hr trip we reach my parent's house and my mum insist me to take the picture of her beautiful flowers.

My mum tease me: "Of course the orchid is more beautiful. LOL!"

My mum's pet - the angry monkey. She call him Woody.

And angry dog

Finally can go back home.... So tired.

No picture taken for how we celebrate the Chinese Halloween due to have a creepy and scary feeling plus my mother in law was sick so, Erm, maybe next year I will do more photo shoot :)


eugene said...

Hope your MIL will be up and kicking soon,, ok i was about to ask you about your hub 1/2 family but then again, no kepoh lah.

;you have a great week ahead ya

Hayley said...

The flowers are nice,but of course the person also nice la.haha

Venie said...


Thank u , and I hope she is well too, :'(

My hubby is PR of Brunei but he's parents stay in miri. He was born in Brunei accidentally so he had two kampong...

Venie said...


Thnx :D

mNhL said...

Hope your MIL gets well soon.

Small Kucing said...

wah so much food ...can habis makan ah?

Coffee Girl said...

My favorite dishes! All of them! including the timun! haha! *drooling*

Venie said...


Thnx :)

Venie said...

Small Kucing,

This is little already, when my MIL is fine she will cook 5 dish one soup :S Of kos cannot finish all and I have to tapau back to Brunei and get to eat the left over :/

Venie said...

Coffee Girl,
Try raw Timun + Soya sauce + raw garlic + lime :D

hie hie hie~

Kian Fai said...

1 day flower trip and It is so . . . lol I may be bored of it if 10 years ago :P

now I would like to shoot more photo of it XD

Venie said...

Kian Fai,

I think that as we grow older, we tend to appreciate every happy and beautiful things that happen around us even thought its' not a big deal. :)

When we were young we will only that these things for granted. :/

Foodiva said...

Good to see your son enjoying himself with the water hose. My kids used to do that too but now they've grown bigger, it's very difficult to ask them to wash the car without a lot of complaining! Btw, I love your mother's flower garden, the flowers are almost as lovely as you :-).

Venie said...


This is true, that's y when they are young just let them help with the house work or anything before they know how to complaint. :D Thanks for the compliment :)

ChrisAu said...

You guys seems have a great time celebrating the festival! When I was a kid , it used to be scary to me but now, the festival was celebrated in big bang everywhere and it's sounds more festive! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Wil add you to my blogroll.

Venie said...


erm, actually I feel tired more than having a great time. lol! It's more fun celebrating at my parents house instead. Don;t feel creepy when I am younger and now is more scared instead. :/

Thanks for the add :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Venie, you have a lovely name.
And I really enjoyed your this interesting post as well the well taken pics.
Wondering why both monkey and dog angry? Ha ha.
Love that orchid and the lady beside it.

Love the river beside or behind the house, very nice.
I used to travel to Miri wayyyyy back in the late '70s and early '80s on business trips.
Always fascinated by Sarawak and its people.

You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.
Best regards.

Zool Blogger said...

that monkey look angry.. scared of it

Venie said...

Uncle Lee,

Thanks. I invented the name Venie from the original Venice (my fav place) but then after yrs i google it and find out that there's alot of gals who have the same name wit me too. Clever ppl thinks alike huh~ :P

The dog actually want me to snap a picture of it. The monkey are angry because it is outside and i am inside :P

You have a nice day too ;)

Venie said...

Zool blogger,

don worry, the monkey is inside the cage... kekkeke

johnnie lim said...

oh so that's how you got your name.
nice orchid. very big. of course the lady beside it is nicer la.

Venie said...


Yap and I still remember I decide that name when I am dreaming in Geography class and write it on the window then my teacher say: " Yes, that's a nice name now please pay attention..." kekekkke

Thank u :D