Friday, August 5, 2011

Ipoh white coffee Kopitiam in Brunei

Recently we tried out at a newly open kopitiam (coffee house)  at Citi mall - I think. I can't remember the name cos it's newly open and the name is too plain. :P  but I am very sure that it is next to the Times square in Brunei. 

hahaha! Of course I did not let them order any ice-cream.

Ipoh White Coffee - 
taste like burn coffee but I like it alot. This is because the aroma of the coffee will remain at the tip of ur tongue for sometime before it will disappear slowly.

Penang fried kuey teow - 
So far this is not the best but it is the 1st Penang fried kuey teow wit so many cockles that I had eaten. Usually when I order Penang fried Kuey teow I will calculate how many mini cockles and shrimps they will give me. Hence, Miri - sarawak's Penang fried kuey teow gave me the least - 3 mini cockles and 2 shrimps.  Mini as in the size of a green pea. LOL!!!

Beef with ginger and spring onion - 

The beef is too tough :P

But then I will definitely go back for the Penang fried Kuey teow and Ipoh white coffee :) 

When barking,  follow directions. When cooking, go by your own taste ~ Laiko Bahrs


eugene said...

Next time if you come to Penang,let me know, i take you to nice char koay teow, C & G one,, i promise you this,

all those char koay teow in those cafes and restaurant, i won't take, not as authentic as they should be,,,

hey thank you for dropping by, I'd added you in my blog list already, easier to check you Out ,,

have a great weekend and god bless ya

mNhL said...

Ipoh White coffee is something to die for.... Your 2 kids are so cute! Every kids sure love ice cream ya. Mine never had enough of them! haha

Hayley said...

I dont drink coffee, but I heard the real Ipoh white coffee is nice!

Bay said...

Now I know what I should have for lunch ;)

Nice Blog!

Venie said...


Sure I will look for u if I go to Penang one day. I will never have enough of Penang Fried Kuey Teow. Thnx for adding me, I have join ur blog last week too. I Never came across a Dad's blog abt his kids and Always is a mum so i find ur blog is a very special one. :)

Venie said...

mNhL : Maybe I should change my instant coffee to Ipoh white coffee too. My boy will not reject any Ice cream. My gal will not take Green tea ice cream :D

Venie said...


It's good that you don't take coffee. I am addicted to it. I have ever tried to use Green tea to substitute the caffeine but failed.

Venie said...


U are welcome :) I will now blog walking to ur blog... c u there :D

Coffee Girl said...

I know right? and that is why i prefer Ipohtown white coffee to Starbucks sometimes. oh your kids are so delightful! their expressions make eating out a very worthwhile experience, eh?

Small Kucing said...

Then when u come KL, you must certainly go makan CKT at Brickfields. After you eat that one, others may seem mild in comparion :(

Venie said...

Coffee girl:

I Agree with u, after trying Ipohtown white coffee I don have the tempt for Starbuck's Frappy anymore. My kids have mood one, if they did not bla bla bla then eating out will be fun :)

Venie said...

Small Kucing:

Oh dear, I miss alot of KL's food. Don't know when will I go KL again and now u are tempting me wit Kl's CKT ....sluuurrrp!