Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sushi @ Excapade

Every time when i start to diet my hubby will always tempt me with my favourite Japanese food.

My favourite Japanese restaurant - Excapade

They got a new train
I enjoy my green tea ~ 

My favourite dishes:

 You maybe thinking why so little dishes and where are the kids. Well, I must say if u need to enjoy foods the most important thing is not only the taste of the foods but also with the environment and surrounding. I hate it when my kids are bugging me,  jumping up and down or disturbing the others while  I am trying to enjoy my foods. They usually will spoil my mood. Hence my hubby and I will sometime have a little late lunch date after sending them off to afternoon classes.

Some see the glass as half empty while other see it half full. But when I see the glass, I will say, " Are you going to finish that, because it worth half what you are going to pay for." 


mNhL said...

I love Jap food too. And a good idea to have a date with only hubby without the kids. I can understand the choas having the kids around. I hate that type of feelings too. Can't really enjoy the food. hehe

johnnie lim said...

the shrimp looks inviting.