Thursday, November 10, 2011

Who is fatter?

Last nite when I was waiting for my food, and felt bored while waiting I ask my gal Aple a question when a fat lady who past by us.
 " Who is fatter? She or me?"
 Aple replied: "Her la..."
After that I point at a slimmer lady and ask Aple again: " Who is fatter? She or me?"
Aple blushed and said cheekily :" Her la..."
I giggle and said: " You lied!!!" But inside my heart I was so happy. :P
Then I ask Aple again: " Between you and I, who is fatter."
Aple replied: " Both of us are slim." .
I said:  " NO......!!!! You are Fatter!!!"
I laugh out loud and Aple said playfully: " You lied!" and squeeze my hand.
Both of us had a good laugh.

One of the reason why sometimes we look slim and sometimes we look fat is because of the way we dress.

Sometime for the sake of  health, we need to control ourselves not to intake so many junkies. 

My mother in law always said that my kids' eyes are hungry, not the stomach. 

Yes... We should never compare our life to other's and also compare the size of our bodies to other's... 

You'll Be In My Heart - Phil Collins

Have a Nice Day & like what Uncle Lee always say to me : " keep a music in ur heart! "

Venie ~


ChrisAu said...

Thanks for sharing ! You have a great weekend!

Small Kucing said...

LOL....very diplomatic girl :)

yvonne said...

Cute girl who knows how to make mummy's day~

Hayley said...

Yes, clothes can be deceiving! But staying fit and healthy is more important!

Sheoh Yan said...

Venie, I like to ask questions like "Is she fatter or me?" My girls and my husband are the target person of my questions. Heheheh! You too, have a nice weekend.

Claire said...

My dear, you have raise a very fine lady there! Men will worship her. Better start raising dogs now!! hehe

Coffee Girl said...

Aple smart girl, always give safe answer. haha. jawapan selamat always save the day. and to add to that too, not just stripes but color plays a part in your fat/slim you look. :-) Happy weekend!

Neha said...

Love Aple's responses :)

And you surely are not fat :)