Monday, November 7, 2011

Bandar Seri Begawan's first sister city - Nanking

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Recently I was very addicted to the HK TVseries about the History of China and especially I just finish watching the story of Hong Wu 32 (洪武三十二)  I really wish that I can watch what is exactly happen to the Empire of Brunei just like the TV series.

Checking the Brunei Sultan's family tree is making me headache...
It's something worst than Donald Duck Family tree

Hm.... I wonder where is Daisy Duck?


BestOodles said...

Sorry you could not have Brunei royal family tree in a neat package but you could do somethings about that by investigate and blogging it.

By the way this is very cute image and story of Donald Duck Family tree.

Venie said...


I did google something abt the Brunei Royal Family Tree. Seems like something is missing between the 1st & 2nd Sultan. Not much details can be found about the King of Brunei - Sultan Abdul Majid Hassan's visit to China. Many stories are covered up :(

I don dare to blog much about the stories anyway, I don have the right and I fear to get my head "chop off"... Hahhahah, just kidding.

I love my country, I just hope that the truth about the Kings of Brunei will be reveal one day =)

Claire said...

Royal Family tree?? Hmmmm, i dun hav those but i have countless insider stories. Wanna hear some?? :p

Venie said...

Hahhahha! I'm only interested abt Brunei's Royal Family Gossip. Btw, I finally get 2 cents to join our Group!! ^^,

Claire said...

wow! thats great... send my regards to all. BRF gossip huh?? Got..its almost like those TVB drama too.