Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The land of Bomb

Laos: Picture from Google

Recently I saw a documentary at Astro about the life in Laos. It is said that in between 1964 and 1973 America waged a secret war and rained down millions of bomb by which a30% of it failed to detonate. And now 38 years later after the end of Vietnam war a lot of Laotians was killed and many are injured by the unexploded ordnance ( UXO). So that is why clear ground de-mining is a must do everyday in Laos. Other than that they also have to give the innocent children in Laos a lecture about the risk of  playing with the unexploded bomb.

 Source: Laos: the enduring threat from cluster munitions

Cluster bombs dropped by US troops in Laos during the Vietnam War continue to kill and maim -- and it's children who are most at risk

Just look at the face of those innocent children make me want to cry. They have done nothing to deserve all these yet because of some stupid adults decision long time ago that make them have to suffer now. However my hope and prayers will be always be with them.

For those stupid people who decided to sent a bomb next time I hope that u just sent it to the house of your enemies instead. If you still cannot agree with each other then come out and fight like WWE. Make an Effort Not an Excuse!

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ChrisAu said...

That's sad and it's the evil of war..... Hope Laos will be free from the past and brighter future for the kids.