Saturday, November 5, 2011

A mother’s advice


Claire said...

Haha. So, are you giving your son that advise?? :p

Hey, for you:-

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Venie, always love women with a lively sense of humour.
Have fun.....
ps, what if wife says, "I got boyfriend"?
"BANG"! Ha ha ha.

eugene said...

Now this is good,I like the first one,,,,,,man, soon I will tell my sons to look out for girlfriends too,hahahhahahaha,so by then,can I call you for some mother's advice,can or not?

Hayley said...

I like the first one, haha :)

Venie said...


For sure I will when the time is right... but then I hope my son is not telling me the second one... Thanks for the song =)

Uncle Lee:

Thank u & I hope u have a nice day too


Sure =)

Hayley :

Gald u like it too...

Neha said...

Good ones... made my Monday better :)