Sunday, November 29, 2009



Feel so lazy to update blog. Well I must update something. But my brain is blank. Nothing inspire me & i think i live a very peaceful life only that filled wit some stress.

It's amazing that how life can be. Some people is happy wit just a simple plain rice + salted veggie while some ppl is sad wit Abalone rice + Shark fin soup.

These few days i realised How ppl can be easily happy maybe just a blended coffee in the morning or maybe a singing early in the morning. Rite? Did you ever put a smile on ur face the whole day by maybe a small things? It's just that the level of happy is how much & how long.

When u're kid's result come out & he gets average of 50% so u should be happy that he pass or be sad that he's result is just average?

I realise that i hav put down alot of things, I've put alot of thinking. I become less heating my temper & all i did is i cool down my brain. But of kos sometimes i still got heat up but wat can u do when u are born to be like that?

I admit that i had many more to learn and so my education still go on & my lecturer is all the ppl i meet everyday. It is for i to choose wisely wat to take & wat to throw...

So fren i know i'm kinda talking rubbish here but who cares? it's my blog :P

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