Friday, January 22, 2010

Lonely Island

I believe that everyone had a lonely island inside their heart. In this island is full of sad, lonely, unhappy & stress. All of these bad feeling are kept inside the lonely island. This island is never expose to the others. These is because no one will understand the feeling cos everyone is not the same.

Life is complicated. Full of love & full of hatred. Thats why when we keep these feeling too much inside a heart it'll become a hatred & anger will explode suddenly.

Today I am angry without any reason. Of kos this make me hurt the one i love. B'cos i know that they will still love me no matter wat. But in the end i feel unhappy wit it. Cos i hav a very poor angry management & i hurt those ppl i love.

I try to find way to solve it. I chk internet & find several method to control my anger & hope that it works :(

Anger without any reason really make me more stress & these of kos will level up to more anger again.

i know i should be thankful for wat i hav now & feel grateful. But this is not easy when u are born to be like this.

But so far i know i hav control alot of the anger already but thats only turn to keeping it inside the lonely island.


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