Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I was having insomnia for abt 4yrs and finally i was recover after my daughter was born. Most probably is because she took over all my time and all my mind is her her her.... then my sleeping hour become fix.. I sleep and wake up at the same time everyday... That's how my insomnia recover.

I never thought i would get Mr. I ( Short of Insomnia) back until the other day we're doing this glamour shot Promo. Starts wit cannot reach the 50ppl targets then My mother -in law last min cannot baby sit the kids and the staff hav transportation problem. I admit i'm a PERFECTIONIST! but heck I'm born to be like that. So for that one whole month ever since we decide to hav this promo I can't sleep. I start to headache the target, the money, the babies....

The nite before the event starts I sleep at 4.30am and wake up at 7am+ =S In the end I reach my 50ppl targets and of kos very hapi to see my competitor kena complaints la~ but all hav a happy ending....

now i really hav to find a way to cure Mr. I .... I know most ppl would say: counting sheeps, drinks warm milk, relax, hav warm bath, aromatherapy should be good, But sometimes when the poison gets too deep nothing would work. Really cos it's very hard to leave ur mind blank.

So here i Fig out some best way for me to Ask MR. I to go away

1. Dr. Tron :a bio-electron potential therapy medical equipment. . The function of this machine is to give purification to the whole body, enhance immune system, improves metabolism & regulating nervous system. So esp to those lazy to exercise, this machine is the best but the price of this machine is not abit cheap... LoL! anyway i'm not trying to promote this but it's the last option.

2. The body shop's Dreamy pillow & body mist: It has Jujube Dates which is say to promotes deeper sleep. This mist helps to soothes the skin n hav calming effects.

3. Imagine a black room and u're in it.... tell urself i don want to think of anything, I hav nothing in my mind... blank blank blank... ( lame but sometimes it work)

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